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Transgender Film Her Story Announces Release Dates

Transgender film production company Speed of Joy Productions emailed me recently to announce that they have their theater screening and web distribution and release dates; the scripted series will premiere all six episodes for free on Tuesday, January 19th, 2016!. 


New Transgender Web Series 'Her Story'

Speed of Joy Productions announces new narrative web series to premeire in the fall of 2105 and crodfunding campaign.  'Her Story" will star examine the dating lives of transgender and queer women, starring Jen Richards, Angelica Ross, and Laura Zak.  Executive produced is Eve Enslerand, and directed by Sydney Freeland.


The Danish Girl - an interview

There have been many transgender stories told -- on stage, in film and in print --, none the least of which include the films The Crying Game, Breakfast on Pluto, Normal, Peacock, Transamerica, My Life in Pink (mi vie en rose), Too Wong Foo, and the staged play I Am My Own Wife, Jukebox Jackie, and Hit The Wall.


Confessions of a Nobody: Mistreated

Irish author A. V. Perry has opened her heart and bared her soul on the struggle of growing up in the wrong body in a small, backward town.
The 39-year-old, who lives in Ireland, has written a powerful new biography series with the first book currently on release — “Confessions of a Nobody: Mistreated” — which charts her life both before, during and after her gender therapy and reassignment operation.


Rie Daisies: past, present and future

Rie Daisies – with a name reminiscent of some long-lost fairyland princess – is a composer and lyricist who hails from Michigan. A phenomenally gifted musician – who can expertly play a veritable litany of instruments, from the flute to the piano – and lyricist, she has achieved great success in both her avatars. She has released several EPs, and is currently working on her first full-length album. She is the author of songs like "Atarving The Beast" and "Don't Make Me Wait." She also recorded "People Passing (I Cry)" written by her grandmother.  

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