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Life for transgender people today was greatly impacted by the people, places and events in transgender history.  

A Transvestite Encounter in Post-Roman Gaul

One day in the summer of the year 590, the experienced and wry divine Gregory -- Metropolitan bishop of Tours in the barbarian kingdom of Frankish Neustria -- sat to hear a sensational case. With his fellow bishops, Gregory was to judge upon a scandal during the year of the revolt of the nuns in Poitiers against their abbess. This was in reality part of the vicious feminine war festering within the Frankish royal house.


Stonewall Celebrates Transgender History Exhibit

Transgender history and culture celebrated in a series of events at Stonewall National Museum & Archives in Fort Lauderdale began Feb. 13 with the opening of the exhibition, Transitions: Gender Identity & Gender Expression in Culture & History.The museum is also featured several important events on March 28, 29 and 30.


The Compton Riots

When discussing historical events that impacted the transgender community, the first one that usually comes to mind is the Stonewall Riot: NYC, 1969. Started by a small group of transwomen, it has long been considered to be the birth of the gay-rights movement. 

However, in conducting research regarding Stonewall, I stumbled across a photo that guided me to another, lesser known riot -- preceding Stonewall -- referred to The Compton Riot, that occured in San Francisco in 1966.  This piece of history resonated with me; it focused on the transgendered community, and the magnitude of the despair the “Queens” endured each day while living in the Tenderloin [area of San Francisco], and their victories that followed. 

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