Following the Laughs, Baby

Following the Laughs, Baby

Oh, I think I am getting hooked; a bit out of control right now, I'm chasing comedians, following the laughs, doing some stand-up comedy myself, and at the risk of letting other things slip. Oops.

You know the life of a girl is hard enough, right! I work less, primp more, and spend lots of time in comedy clubs. If I could get the free-drinks count up, well, that would be something to justify all the time I'm putting into making comedy a part of my life. 

I took some comedy classes at Gotham Comedy Club, and now find myself of late following comedy with a passion; I'm compelled, perhaps obsessed with the freshest and most seductive activity since cubism painting ... or performing my own songs. Or taking videos while driving - waking- or sitting, all the time really. Years ago I went to a Broadway play with Brianna and Mory Shaffer (from 60 minutes) was sitting next to us. When intermission came we start chatting and I whipped out the camera. Hmm, obsessive? Maybe a little. Oh well, a girl has to stay busy, right? I attended writer workshops, poetry workshops, painting workshops, and now comedy workshops. 

Are you starting to see a pattern forming here? Whatever hobby gets my attention seems to become an addiction for me. And these days, its comedy. I guess dressing started as a hobby too, in a way, and sure it was additive. But these days, living 24/7, I don't even register the dressing anymore, except to the point that I am attentive to looking my best like any other girl.

I've been blabbing on, how rude. So what's your thing, what hobby are you passionate about? We should all have something that keeps us growing, evolving, creating, don't you think? 

This comedy thing is fun and funny --- a super combination.What could be better than a girls night out and sharing laughs? And it leads to lots of other fun things too. Like music, meeting new people, getting creative using everyday things most of us look right past; plus using our intelligence and experiences. I do it for the fund, but who knows, maybe it will lead to a paying comedy gig someday! 

Part of me says go with the flow and enjoy the ride. The other part screams "Don't get sucked in and devote all your time at the cost of letting other thins left unattended; you know, like making a living.

So Friday night I go to UCB Open Mic., which stands for Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCB's Hot Chicks Room, 153 East 3rd Street, NY, NY 10009, 212.366.9231), and then after, Leah -- my comedy classmate at the Gotham Comedy Club -- abd I go to Grand Karaoke  (on 32nd Street in Korean Town). We rented a karaoke room with her and three of her friends and had our own private space to sing and carry on ... and I videotaped it (maybe I'll post it in the video gallery). 

We didn't get chosen at the UCB earlier, but most of the people who performed (ten in all) were quite good anyway. Venessa Peruda (yes with an e) delivered an hysterical bit about wanting a specific end-of-the-world date to have something to look forward to. Her post apocalypse world images that she painted in our minds were just too funny. So funny in fact that I stopped her outside and coaxed her to do parts of it again so Leah, who missed it, could hear it. I videotaped that too! Do you see a pattern emerging?

The emcee Paul Oddo ( winner of the Boston Comedy Festival) kept the pace brisk. But the funniest impromptu was Ross Parsons whenComediansAtRockwellsAndSteveAndFran_100612 interrupted by the sirens of a passing ambulance during a lull in laughter about his routine, seized the moment: to us said "Well I'm killing so hard! and to the ambulance shouted "Hope you brought some body bags with you!"

Then Sean McCarthy faked a 911 call to police to report a white-collar crime: they're making bad loans, securitizing them, getting high ratings, and then selling them to an unsuspecting public in violation of Sarbanes-Oxley. PLEASE SEND POLICE! I'm in the lobby of Citicorp. 

Another comedian said he had dreams about "having 45 minutes of sex! ... in my lifetime!  And I'm so envious of the couples eating in the West Village cafes, talking up a storm. Brunching is so f----g hard!" 

And me? I'll be back there next week anxiously waiting to get picked. I'll let you know. And that's another short chapter of A Girl's Life. 

BTW, I co-host Crisis Help Radio Show  the first Tuesday of each month on WVOX from New Rochelle, NY. 1460 AM, and streamed live on including video. Call in number 914.636.0110. Business number 914.636.1460)

I'm hoping to arrange that several of the people covered in this article will call in with a minute or two of humor on Tuesday night, October 10th, between 7pm and 8pm with my co-hosts Tom Sullivan, Ken Kline and Kelly Sisco. 

Prior shows are posted on the site here. This Tuesday's show will be "Follow the Comedy" that hopefully will help listeners deal with whatever crisis they're dealing with. 

Hey, if you can suggest some therapies to control MY newest addiction, contact me.  Is comedy my newest way to deal with crisis in my own life? You think?'


The $3 Dollar Tavern  613 2nd Avenue, just south of 34th Street, NY, NY

Penny's Open MIC @ Under St Mark's Theater 94 St Mark's Place between 1st and Ave A Tues. 9pm - 2am

Gotham Comedy Club 208 West 23rd St NYC 

Comedy Night at Empire City Casino 810 Yonkers Avenue, Yonkers. Good Time room every other Wednesday evening at 8pm

Rockwells in Pelham 105 Wolfs Lane, Pelham, NY 10803. Downstairs room every other Saturday night

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