A Girls Life

A Girls Life (14)

Once out of the closest many transgender people step closer and closer to full-time over the gender line. This column speaks to those that want to share insights and experiences in a life full-time.

Being Fabulous and Female

What could be better than being fabulous and female? And you don't have to be born that way, as I've been finding out when pushing the identity transition envelope.

When two people called me "Fabulous Fran" at a recent dinner party, I had to do everything I could to keep my feet on the ground and keep my smile from touching each ear. It was working!


Bursts of Being Fabulous

The dictionary states that "fabulous" is being exceptionally good, superb and almost impossible to believe." If you missed my last column, please email me to get the full "desiderata," keyed to each letter of "fabulous that is summarized in the next paragraph. Several of you emailed me your thoughts, including a yoga teacher named Nancy and Amy who described why the town of Dobbs Ferry is so fabulous. Amy sees God in many of the residents and says that they "radiate a particular beauty that is unmatched." Mary wrote me about the importance of balance and raved about her acupuncturist, Karen, who helps to develop her spiritual signs and to notice signs.

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