How Voter ID Laws Impact Transgender People

How Voter ID Laws Impact Transgender People

The passage of strict voter ID laws has been widely discussed for their impact on black and Latino voters, elderly and student voters, women and those with low incomes. As many as five million people have been estimated as likely to lose their voting rights because of the laws. But there is another impacted group: transgender people.

A new report, ‘The Potential Impact of Voter Identification Laws on Transgender Voters‘ [PDF], by the Williams Institute at UCLA’s law school, says that up to 25,000 transgender Americans could be effected.

Transgender citizens have everyday problems obtaining and updating any identification cards — and this includes when they have to deal with the government.

The National Transgender Discrimination Survey shows that 22% of respondents said they had been denied equal treatment by a government agency or official, with another 22% saying they had been harassed or disrespected in the same setting. 41% said that when they presented their non-gender-matching ID when asked to show it — at, for example, a bar or an airport — they were harassed, some reported being even attacked or assaulted.

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