Support for Sandra Bland as MovingOn Pushes for Investigation

Support for Sandra Bland as MovingOn Pushes for Investigation

The official story is that "Sandra Bland was found dead in her cell at the Waller County Jail in Houston, Texas, just days after she was detained by police during a routine traffic stop for assaulting a public servant." But how did a routine traffic stop escalate to arrest and then death?

The entire police stop affair escalated because Bland refused to put out a cigerette(at the officer's request) while sitting in her car. That escalated to her Sandra2refusing to get out of the car at the officer's request as well.  She is fired up to sue and within a few days is found dead in jail. 

But the entire affiar is absurd;  when she asked why she had to put out the cigerette since she was in her own car, the cop could have calmly explianed it, rather than telling her "I'll light you up" with seething anger. has posted a petition HERE for people to sign and push for federal investigation. They currently have 103,000 signature and require 125,000 to move forward.  

The video footage of the stop is also conserning.




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