Getting A Long, Lean Female Body Shape

Getting A Long, Lean Female Body Shape

Femininity Expert Denae Doyle Wants To Slim You Down!

To get the long, lean body, of tall, beautiful woman… with no bulk… forget the trips to the gym. I use a Pilates (stretch) box, for my workout. It gives you the body of a ballet dancer, and creates long, lean arms and legs without building any muscles. This is great for girls who live on the freezing east coast, when it is cold and difficult to get to the gym.

The new rebound board, (which allows you to jump up and down, while lying down) is actually fun. You will see results in 6 weeks. I love my machine. There are several models to purchase, so be sure and purchase the newest machine. It comes with 2 DVD’s, which demonstrate exercises. Most beautiful models use this form of exercise, to get the long, long, and longer looking torso. I use the aero Pilates… which are under $300.00

I purchased mine several years ago, but they now have them on QVC television, or go to their web site - and compare prices and shipping costs. If you have back pain or joint pain, this is a great machine for you. There is no pressure on your joints, because you’re lying down. This was developed by Joseph Pilate in 1920 after he was injured doing ballet on stage. He wanted to continue stretching out his muscles. Since then, they have added features for spring boarding for cardio. This machine is not just for lightweight people. Depending on the work out you want, you can use one cord, two cords for average work outs, or three cords for long distance and advanced workouts. Why have I have always used it? It creates balance in your brain. It teaches you coordination. Hard to believe, but you will learn balance, coordination, and create the grace of a ballet star, while toning.

The machine itself is long, and you need about 6 feet on the floor, to leave it out. I never put mine away, and have it close to the wall… so it does not take up a lot of “walking” space. If you’re a beginner, you can begin with 15 minutes every 3 days –and you can begin with bouncing while you watch television… but I love to turn on my favorite CD and listen to the music and use my imagination to see myself, and feel myself… the way I want to be. You will not get sore, and you will feel better after the first time you use it. So, give it a try. Give yourself a day off, between workouts… as you will tend to “over-do” since it doesn’t hurt.

You might look on Craig’s list, etc. to see if there is a used one, but you must have the DVDs that come with it, for instruction. My friend purchased one this weekend for $50.00 that someone had bought and never used.

Get in shape for summer. This summer styles show a lot of skin. So, start now!

Denae Doyle

Denae Doyle ~ Femininity Coach ~ Private Consultations available in the Bay Area. Email Denae Here!

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