How To Make Scarlet Work!

How To Make Scarlet Work!

I’ve had several girls’ email me asking questions regarding what color hose and shoes to wear with red. Thank you for all your wonderful emails. Anyone can wear red. The trick is to find the tone that best compliments your skin tone and personality. "Brick" red - which is more subdued than bright blue-based red because it has a strong black undertone - is a great choice for most people.

Scarlett RedHere are some  additional tips for wearing red with confidence in professional settings:

Pay attention to the shoes you wear with red. Black is usually your best bet; especially patent leather works well with smooth red fabrics such as wool gabardine (my favorite... and it looks great on TG body lines) and silk, while black suede and leather shoes can provide a nice balance for heavier and/or textured red wool fabrics such as crepe or wool blends.

Nine out of ten times, black stockings appear too harsh when worn during the daytime with a solid red outfit. A sheer "nude" or "buff" hose will often create a softer, more professional daytime look. I prefer nude and buff, for most of my transgendered women working in an office. Hold each up, to your natural skin color on your hand and see which one matches your skin tone the best. I feel both of these natural skin colors of hose will create a softer, more professional daytime look.

If you prefer to wear red suits with black stockings or black tights (for crossdressers who don't always shave their legs) because of the extra coverage they provide for your legs, do so strategically. For instance, change the buttons on the suit to black, if need be, so they connect nicely to your hose and shoes, lessening the severity of the combination. Or, a black turtleneck worn with a heavier red wool suit, black tights and black suede pumps can also help you achieve a well-balanced and figure-flattering appearance.

Finally, remember that red is an intense color that elicits a wide range of reactions depending on how it is worn. Use wisely in business settings, it can enhance communication and create excitement. Be aware that it can also be distracting when it is not presented professionally. Therefore, I suggest that most of my transgendered women have a splash of red, more often than an entire ensemble for business. However, my vote is to have a stunning red suit, dress or sweater in your wardrobe to wear on Valentines Day, Christmas, and for holiday events.

Now, go get something red and wear it well!


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