Sitting In A Feminine S-Curve

Sitting In A Feminine S-Curve

So what do I mean by a Feminine S-Curve? Let me begin by telling you about an episode when I was eating at a little cafe in Santa Cruz, California the other day. 

Hello ladies, in keeping with my promise previously to write more on femininity, I was faced with non-femininity yesterday, which prompted this post.  It was a lovely day while I relaxed with a nice lunch.  

Suddenly this well dressed TS woman walked in, and slid -- most delicately and correctly -- into her booth.

However, she ordered a pizza and a bottle of beer.

Okay, we all like relax, and we all have certain foods that we enjoy, but some really should be avoided in a restuarant.  Anyway, the  deal breaker was two-fold. First, she spoke to the waiter with a mans booming-loud voice. Second, when she drank the bottle of beer, she did so with her elbow sticking straight OUT to the side while drinking large gulps.

The elbow out, really did not blend with her beautiful appearance. Lets go back to Vol 1 on the blog.

Remember, elbows IN, along with knees and feet. With just a few simple changes, this well dressed woman could have been all woman, yet instead, she was a man in a dress.

Okay, I say it over and over. The two most important aspects of blending as a female when in public is your Movement & Your Voice. Makeup and Hair, you can pay for. However only you can create your own mannerisms and voice.

Pull IN. We will cover some Voice in coming blogs when we are finished with movement.

I have also had request for Wardrobe coordination.

Inclosing, eat slow, small bites, keep your elbows in, and don't chog-a-lug anything, not even water.   If you want to look like a lady, then be a lady.  

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