Amy Kaufman Burk

Amy Kaufman Burk

Amy Kaufman Burk is a blogger and author in Chapel Hill, NC. She has written 2 novels - Hollywood High: Achieve The Honorable, and Tightwire, both Amazon Top Rated for LGBT Literary Fiction.

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If My Child Came Out As Trans

Recently the world lost Leelah Alcorn, a trans girl who felt too unsupported, too misunderstood, too tormented to go forward. Leelah died of homophobia, specifically transphobia, and bluntly: that’s wrong on more levels than I can count. Sure, I feel judgmental toward her parents for their lack of support for their daughter. But it’s relatively easy to feel judgmental, and much harder to figure out how to help. I want to try to help, so I’m imagining one possible scenario, step by step. To avoid a confusing array of pronouns, I’ve chosen to write about a young person with the body of a boy, whose gender identity is female. However, I think the issues will hold true for a transgender boy or girl, female or male, and for his or her family.

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