What's Your Bucket List?

What's Your Bucket List?

I love the Holidays! It makes me feel alive with the simplest of things. When I am out with friends and family I loose myself to the things like Christmas displays, lights, the aroma of coffee, fabulous fashion and window shopping. The list goes on but they are triggers of things present and past in our minds. 

It was during the holidays one year that I first thought about coming out. “What would it be like to step outside as Danielle?” I thought.  Wow! How scary it all seemed then.  Today I smile with confidence. 

That wish of mine to come out was only one of many on my T-girl bucket list. You could say one of the first bucket list items for me was overcoming the fear; to let go, get Dressed and be me. Those of you that have read my column know that it was a lot of support from others that helped me to realize my dream. 

Many of you have thought about things you’d like to done, or have since done, and surely have a list still unfulfilled. We have to keep striving everyday for something better. Some call it “stepping out of your box”, or out of your comfort zone. Every time I have done that I have been rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment or a sense of satisfaction. It is hard to explain but it may have something to do with adrenaline rush, followed by that relaxed state that you feel after an intense work out. 

One experience I remember very well was going to a restaurant en femme. I was really afraid in the close seating. I was at the mall one day and a friend was coming off of work and asked if we could get something to eat. A little hesitant I agreed to go to her favorite place close by. One has to understand “Kat” is the most wonderful person I know and full of life. That also means she talks very expressively (loud). 

We were seated close to the bar and in clear view of surrounding tables. At first I felt like everybody was watching me. Kat was talking loud and I had the feeling people were looking. After the waiter came and asked me “What will you have Maim ?” I realized it was OK. It was like a calming sensation that you sometimes get. After a few Margaritas and some wonderful conversation I felt at peace. Check that one off!

But there is still a lot on my bucket list that I still want to be able to check off some day.  

My old list had those things that many CD’s would like to achieve such as;shoe-shopping-gals

Going out to the mall

Using the Ladies restroom

Going out to eat

Getting fast food

Shopping for shoes

Going on a trip

Getting a facial and a makeover

Dress shopping

Getting a manicure and pedicure (painted)

Partying with Genetic females 

I have always hated my driver’s license as ID because it has my male photo on it -- and I always worry about being pulled over for a traffic violation. Add that to My Bucket List: a girls ID so I could travel on a plane and vacation and return home en femme. 

What’s on your list?  Do you have one? 

I can write all day on what I've done or want to do, but I’d really like to hear from you. What’s on your list? What have you already crossed off that list, what obstacles are there to overcome -- or that you have overcome -- along the way? What strategies will you -- or have you --  use to meet your T-girl goals?

Let me know here on in the Bucket List forum.  Meanwhile I’ll keep you informed in my pursuit of a Danielle ID.

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