Gender Transition Policy that is Out of this World

Gender Transition Policy that is Out of this World

An excellent example of a gender transition policy that is out of this world was adopted by, well, you guessed it, NASA.

At the risk of my consulting business I'll call out one of the better gender transition policies available for public viewing.    In a similar way to being the first Agency to put a human on the moon, NASA has developed one of the first gender transition policies.  Other Federal agencies and departments are also crafting similar documents.  As they are finalized, they will become public documents without copyright restrictions.  The NASA policy is a 14 page document, and uncharacteristic to government products, it is is concise and to the point, and comprehensive.  

NASAIf your company needs to adopt a gender transitioning policy you would be well served to download the NASA policy at:

Of course, adopting a policy is one step, you would also need to develop an accompanying support structure and at a minimum train your managers to implement the policy.    If you have an employee transitioning or planning to transition, a training class for all employees immediately involved in interacting with the transitioning employee may be advisable.   A proper transition plan can be effective in not only retaining the transitioning employee, preventing harassment/EEO lawsuits, but also to minimize any potential disruptions with other employees and/or address their concerns regarding the situation.  

Jenni Contrisciani, MBA

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