Catholic High School refuses to acknowledge transgender student

Catholic High School refuses to acknowledge transgender student

Administrators at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis have decided that Catholic beliefs require them to refuse to recognize the fact that one of their students is transgender.

Last spring a female student arrived at school with parental units to meet with administrators because the student had come to realize that he was a boy and wanted to be referred to as male.

The fact that they couldn't use the pronoun "him" should have been an indication that things weren't going to go so well.  Principal Worland contacted the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.  There was a decision made at that level that teachers and staff would not address the student using his male name or use male pronouns.

Apparently compassion and respect for transgender people is against Catholic catechism.

We wanted to make sure they would realize we still recognize her as a female, call her by the name she used when she enrolled as a freshman, and treat her throughout the day as a female student. --Worland

The student has attended Cathedral High anyway.  On National Coming Out Day last Thursday, a host of Cathedral High seniors voiced their support.  Twitter and Facebook accounts were abuzz with stories of the school's behavior.

I probably met with over a hundred of our seniors over this. --Worland

Worland claims that he explained to the students that the school's stance was rooted in the Catholic Church's teachings that say that changing one's gender is wrong.  Worland did not go as far as to explain why.

I felt like at the end of the day the students were much more understanding of the school's view. --Worland

The responses to the story by students include:

"As a student at cathedral I believe that the administration is taking this way too far. Sending students home for supporting a classmate is ridiculous. On a daily basis we are told by the administration to "be yourself" and accept yourself for who you are, but they won't even give him a chance to do that. When it comes down to it cathedral doesn't really care about us, it just has a name to uphold."

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