Self Love Movement

Self Love Movement

Is self-love narcissistic, or is it the solid foundation on which to build a happy life?

 When you say self-love with the idea of that being a priority, some people might confuse that notion with narcissism. It’s not.  

In the words of Daylle Deanna Schwartz from a her recent article “How I learned To Love Myself,” she states that “Someone had to drag me to a mirror and force me to look at myself to notice I have pretty green eyes -- not hazel, green. I didn't know it, just like I didn't recognize the beautiful smile others commented on. I was twenty-eight years old and didn't value myself at all. Since childhood, I was fixated on what was wrong with me, which distracted me from what was right.”

Most transgender girls can relate; had pangs of “what’s wrong with me” while growing up. We didn’t fit in. The words and actions of our peers didn’t resonate,a nd we doubted our own worth.

As adults, many of you may still be hiding yourself, avoiding confrontation, inquires -- anything that might bring too much attention to your condition with the fear of discomfort that such attention may bring. Others may fool themselves into believing that they're fulfilled --because when they dress up they feel sexy, and guys are attempting to grope them.

Many transgender girls are often so desperate to find someone to love and accept them -- whether romantic or not --, that they will settle for anyone with a kind word, or a lust-induced pursuit.

However, getting what you desire for short-term feelings of acceptance can come at the cost of something you can little afford to spend; self worth.

Before you can be loved -- or love -- someone else, you really need to love -- or at least like -- yourself. And that is an intimate relationship that can take time to develop.  

Why love yourself?  Daylle suggests that “self-love radiates to all aspects of your life and opens doors to many blessings.” Moreover, “Self-love helps you to accept your imperfections and find the kind of happiness that only contentment with yourself can bring.”  

As I have said many times before, there is only one YOU in the world, which makes you unique, special, just by existing. So just "be." Because you're beautiful, and you more than anyone need to see that. When you've reached the place to understand that the words of others don't define you, only them, you've on the path. 

There are many ways to get to self contentment.But a good starting point is to simply love and be kind to yourself.

My friend Daylle Deanna Schwartz founded the Self Love Movement with that in mind. There are no gimmicks.

So as one of her ambassadors I invite you to kick off 2013 with a simple pledge to love yourself for the month of January.  

You can click here to join the Self Love Movement, make the self love pledge, and/or, and/or download the free book “How Do I Love me? Let Me Count The Ways.


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