Taboo Subjects: Does our T Fit Into The LGB?

Taboo Subjects: Does our T Fit Into The LGB?

What TG’s Don’t Talk About! Part One: Are Crossdressers Really Part Of The GLBT? Caution: This series of articles might Piss You Off!  These might be subjects you don’t want to talk about, you want to ignore, or you might hope no one suspects they exist.

But these subjects do exist, and we get letters on them and in-person questions when we are at nightclubs, gatherings, meetings or conventions.

This is an Interactive article – meaning we want you to leave comments below! But if you think you’ll get flack from doing so, or your friends might not like your answers if they see them, or your wife/S.O. might pop you in the head if she sees your answer, then don’t leave a comment! Forward it to us as anonymous

The Warning is now over!

I conceived this series of articles, TABOO Subjects, because there are certain thoughts and feelings that transgendered people, crossdressers to be specific, just don’t talk about.

Sure they think about them, because they tell me via email or in person.  But usually these people are afraid to express their opinions vocally because we as a TG group are somehow supposed to fit into a mold.

So here goes with TABOO Subject Number One…

Are Crossdressers Really Part Of The GLBT? 

My answer is…  No, I doubt it! I think it’s all a bunch of overblown crap!  To me it’s like these old ‘logic’ tests we took in school.

What doesn’t fit in this group?

  1. Hammer
  2. Wrench
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Apple

To me, crossdressers are the apple; choice D.  The rest of the choices in GLBT have to do with sexuality. So what, if crossdressing is theoretically non-sexual it makes us part of this group?  I can’t figure it out for the life of me! I personally think we’re just an ‘added letter’ to add more physical numbers to a loosely knit group.

Now if you are a Drag Queen, which some readers are, then you are at least presumably gay also, which makes you more of the GLBT group. And if you are Bisexual, that also makes you more of the GLBT group.  But does the average guy that crossdress’s fall under the GLBT banner?  What do you think?

GLBT Pride celebrations – do you go? I’ve been to a few.  And let’s face it, summer outdoors, in the afternoon sun, is hardly wig weather. The number of crossdressers there is usually small, because many CD’s don’t venture out during the day, especially when they might get seen on their local six o’clock news.

From what I’ve seen we are usually represented by a token group of transsexuals or a local support group. Most men who are dressed as women appearing there, are again, usually drag queens.  But usually these events are billed as a GLBT event.  So would you feel welcome there, or feel more like a distant relative at a summer family reunion picnic? 

Just so you know, I support Pride celebrations worldwide.  It’s just many proud people we have met wonder if they are really part of the celebration.

So are we really, as crossdressers, part of the T in GLBT?  Login and comment; we want your thoughts below!


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