A Project Outside of Modeling for Pejic Featured

A Project Outside of Modeling for Pejic

TG Life covered news on stunning model Andreja Pejic after she came out as transgender and completed her sex reassignment surgery back in July. Before surgery Andreja —ormerly known as Andrej — became one of the leading models in the world, modeling for both male and female clothing lines. However, even though modeling both lines led her to being the most successful androgynous model in history, she announced that she will strictly be modeling women's lines after completing her transition. But that's not the only big development that we can expect in Pejic's career in the near future.

She could soon be adding "film connoisseur" to her resume.

572404-andrej-pejicAccording to Forbes Magazine, Pejic's next goal is to have a documentary made of her journey. The project, titled 'Andrej' will discuss her fascinating past — she was a Bosnia war refugee who immigrated to Australia where she was discovered in a McDonald's.

However, the main focus will be on her path to transitioning to a woman over the last few years.

So far it has received overwhelming support, with a large portion of the financial backing being generated through a crowd-supported Kickstarter campaign. At the time of this writing the campaign had already exceeded the initial monetary goal of $40,000 and surpassed its secondary goal of $60,000.

Pejic's plan is to get the documentary submitted to film festivals in order to raise awareness on the struggles she and other trans individuals face. She told People Magazine that she "hopes to demystify the trans process" as well as help "young kids out there who are going through similar struggles."

It will be truly great if the project were to reach Colorado, where some of the biggest film festivals call home. Not only would it be excellent exposure, but it could also serve as an olive branch from the Centennial state, whose government made headlines just 14 years ago for aggressive legal acts towards LGBT members. As Adam & Eve explains, in 2000 the Colorado government was attempting to unprotect people of the LGBT community from sexual orientation discrimination. 

Thankfully, the Supreme Court ruled that "all American homosexual, bisexual and transgender men and women are sheltered under the Constitution's andrejapFourteenth Amendment." But just because the government was forced to stop pursuing the issue doesn't mean that the negative feelings dissipated with it.

While you can't possibly hold the entire state or its citizens accountable for the incident, giving the film such a public platform could be a generous way to symbolically welcome the community. It would showcase the state's growth from its past transgressions.

Transgender actress and 'Orange Is the New Black' star Laverne Cox is already making an impression in states such as Colorado through her motivational speaking tour, which will take place in colleges all over the country. She also frequents film festivals, like Sundance and the Toronto International Film Festival. Cox even worked on the documentary 'FREE CeCe', a project about the wrongful incarceration of a transgender woman, along with her own documentary on transgender, 'The T Word', which premiered earlier this year.

Pejic has expressed before just how wonderful Cox is as a role model. Given how active they both are within the community and their shared interest in film, getting the two of them together for an event could be just what the Pejic's project needs to reach the masses.

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