Spectacular Spectacular

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Spectacular Spectacular

Talent is something that we are not all born with. It is a mixture of gifts, hard work and life progression. Isley Reust possesses and holds tight all of the enigmatic qualities that most people spend their entire lives attempting to develop.

Isley’s craft was configured at an early age and the transgender artist form is in some ways serendipitous. The small town artist burst onto the music scene at the tender age of twelve -- performing with various local bands, and after years of developing her craft as a musician she decided to drop out of school at the age of seventeen to pursue her love for the music world and the arts.

After touring with a diverse collective of bands over the last ten years she decided to settle down in San Francisco to pursue her most current musical Spectacular Spectacular 1enterprise, with life-long friends Jessica De Grasse and Millie Chan, “Spectacular Spectacular.”

The musical trio was developed almost three years ago, and is releasing their first single, “Orange Juice” from their debut album titled “Blur”, which is set to be released sometime in February, however the single can be purchased through iTunes, Amazon and Target, or heard on Spotify November 25th.

Following the release of “Spectacular Spectacular’s” album the three will be doing a U.S. and Canada tour.

With a myriad of projects under her belt, Isley has also made time for the film and television world. In particular an indie film was released during the summer of 2015, titled “Project Isley”, where she plays the role of a transgender woman on a journey of self discovery.

She will also be making an appearance on the internationally televised musical and comedy-drama “GLEE”. If that’s not enough Isley has also filmed a show with “Against Me” singer Laura Jane Grace, titled “True Trans” on Aol Originals. The show has been featured in Time magazine, Rolling Stone and MTV. On the doc-series Isley tells of her life as a transgender artist and her development throughout her musical journey.

Not only being an inspiration for the “LGBT” community, Isley has also won the hearts of YouTubers’ worldwide, and her page has secured over two million hits.

Isley continues to be a role model and a spokeswoman for the transgender community and assists in raising awareness. 2014 has shown an incredible amount of new experiences for Isley, one of which was her gender reassignment surgery the previous June.

The amazing feats that Isley is continuously overcoming is proof of her resilience and dedication to her craft, and the public should expect great things from Isley and her band “Spectacular Spectacular.”

We await the future appearances on film and television from this lone star and watch in delight as she effortlessly generates and inspires a movement throughout artist and musicians alike. 

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