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Stevenson's Stories VI

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Stevenson's Stories VI

One of the favorite authors of the editors at Reluctant Press is E.B. Stevenson. The author has written five collections of short stories under the “Stevenson’s Stories” banner, primarily about transsexual women who fall in love with (and sometimes marry) men who love them as the women they have become.

In addition, Stevenson has written several full-length novels with a similar premise written into the story lines, such as “A Bust on the Way to the Altar”, “Photographer’s Delight”, “A Family History”, “The Transformation and Love of Erica” and “The Transition and Courtship of Stephanie”. Stevenson’s latest collection, “Stevenson’s Stories VI”, while there are elements of the previous collections present, deals with a different theme: transitioning from male to female during the teen years. 

            The first story in this collection is “Becoming Anna”. This story begins in 1995, where Eric Bruner is a 33-year-old Chicago bachelor who suddenly finds himself saddled with the responsibility of raising four children after his sister, Heather, and her husband, Mark Richards, are killed in a traffic accident. One of the children he is responsible for is Anthony, who has a deep secret. Marcia, the oldest of the four children, tells her uncle that Anthony is dressing in her clothes. It would take four years before Anthony finally tells his uncle, his twin brother Eric, big sister Marcia, and kid brother Michael, that he wants to become Anna, the girl he feels he should be. Annie, the young Thai woman Eric hired as the governess for the children, explains gender identity disorder to the family. Anna is sent to a school that caters to transgender and troubled girls to transition during seventh and eighth grade, leading to her sex-change operation at the age of 14. After her operation, Anna becomes interested in the world of fashion. She learns how to design fashions for girls and women while in her high school years, and becomes a model after graduation from high school, while going through fashion design school. When the story wraps up in 2010, Eric, married to one of Anna’s teachers and raising a set of quadruplets, attends the New York debut of Anna’s first collection of her own fashion designs. 

            “Karen’s Road to Her Special Day” is the second story in this collection. Told by her father, Dick Colter, the story begins with Karen Colter preparing to walk down the aisle to marry her longtime boyfriend, Eric Binder. Her father has a flashback to the time when Karen was a boy named Kevin. At the age of 12, Kevin tells Dick and his mother, Rachel, that he wants to become a girl. With a change of name to Karen, she begins her new life as a girl. While she is transitioning, she is taught at home. She has her sex-change operation after she finishes her eighth grade work, and begins high school as a complete girl. Her older brother, Rich, tells her about Eric, a transplant from a small town who is not too well-liked by the girls in high school. Coincidentally, Eric is in one of Karen’s classes. The two meet up after that particular class; before the end of the day, Eric asks Karen out on a date. On that date, she gets her first kiss as a girl. When Eric asks her to be his girlfriend, she tells him about her sex change. The only thing that matters to him is that he has fallen for the girl she has become. The courtship endures high school and college; Eric opens a restaurant with three of his friends, while Karen buys an interest in her mother’s bridal shop. When they establish themselves in their careers, Eric asks her to be his bride. The story returns to the day of Karen and Eric’s wedding toward the end, when Dick walks her down the aisle. When the story wraps up, Dick and Rachel remembers that being a bride had been Karen’s dream since before she became a girl; they are grateful that Karen’s dream had come true. 

            The third story, “Alyson’s Special Prom Night”, is another flashback, this one told by Eric Braner. His son, Adam, is the best of friends with Allen Jones, who has a deep secret. When Adam returns from Boy Scout camp, the first person he sees is Allen, but he looks a lot different. When he finds Allen dressed as a girl, he explains that he wants to become a girl. Adam is the first one to call him by the female name he has chosen: Alyson. She is sent to a school in San Francisco that cater to transgender and troubled girls; when she invites him to her first dance as a girl, her parents, Jim and Alice, come along. A memorable moment in her life happens at that dance, when Adam gives Alyson her first feminine kiss. Adam and Alyson remain friends throughout her transition from boy to girl. At the age of 14, Alyson undergoes her sex-change operation. She remains friends with Adam even after her operation, but after Adam gets rejected by the other girls in their high school, he begins to see Alyson in a whole new light. When Adam asks her to be his girlfriend, Alyson accepts. The story returns to prom night. Alyson is Adam’s date to the prom, where they are named Prom Queen and King. When this story wraps up, they realize how much they appreciate each other. 

            The fourth and final story is “Best Friends to Husband and Wife.” Set in the St. Louis area, the story begins with Eric Braun getting ready to take his best friend, Laura Jones, as his wife. They have been best friends since kindergarten, when Laura was a boy named Larry and being raised by his mother after his father was killed in action. One secret Larry had: he loved to play dress-up with his sister, Lisa. At age 12, after Eric gets back from Boy Scout camp and a trip with his family, he sees Larry dressed as a girl. When he tells Eric about his plans to become a girl, he assures him that a sex change wouldn’t change their friendship. Beginning a new life as Laura, she is sent to a school for transgender and troubled girls; on his first visit to the school as her guest, Eric gives Laura her first kiss as a girl. After she finishes eighth grade, as is the case in the other three stories, Laura undergoes her long-awaited sex-change operation. During the first two years of high school, Eric dates other girls while Laura is away at her boarding school. When Eric is savagely beaten by the ex-boyfriend of an older girl he was dating and left in a coma, the first person he sees when he emerges from his comatose state is Laura. He tells off the other girl, and sees Laura in a new light, and realizes he should have asked her to be his girl to begin with. They would fall deeply in love, become a couple, named Prom King and Queen at both of their schools, and go on to attending the same college together. They would go on to successful careers before we return to their wedding, which is a beautiful outdoor wedding. 

            People are transitioning at younger ages these days. While these stories are works of fiction, they are based on reality. While all of Stevenson’s novels and collections are perfect for the romantic in us, “Stevenson’s Stories VI” is also for those who dream of career success. I highly recommend reading this book, as well as all of the other works by E.B. Stevenson.

The book is available on Reluctant Press, release #775, categorized as "New Woman"

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