Story of My True Self - a review

Story of My True Self  - a review

Song of My True Self is a book of poetry; an echo of a life in hindsight. Poetry is a very subjective medium, and each reader can find relevance to different things; it is a type of writing for which each reader finds different insights.

As I once wrote that “poetry is the mirror that allows writers and readers alike to witness -- or find -- their soul, their heart, or the visualization of their dreams in profound ways: seeing hidden meanings in the abstract. Words, like paint upon an unconstrained canvas can invoke deep contemplation, or spontaneous sunshine. Poetry is life without limitation.”

In her book Song of My True Self, Roberta Lynn Dostal shares the chronological story of her life in prose, from childhood through adulthood. Published by Cowing Crow Press, the collection in paperback is 168 pages.

Roberta writes well, and clearly has a craft for poetry; stories through prose that elicit imagery. I found the passages creative with an easy flow. It is not the Roses Are Red rhyming of of an amateur, but rather easy flowing prose that conjure imagery without the reader’s imagination.

In the poem “Phantom Man” she writes, in part:

Thick lens over slick eyes-Gray circling a black dot center. Sly tinted glasses send his stalking stare into obscurity. A receding hairline follows the pattern of an eroding New England shoreline., light glistens off a bare bench, a whitish straw plastered in water and oil. His illness hidden behind a pure white round collar and jet black suit, his mind short-circuits affections for God and young boys. No fox or wolf more cunning in stalking an innocent lamb. The pedophile's net of security covers all suspicious of wrongful detection.

The stories go deep into her life and depict fond and troubling memories that are clearly important to her, inviting the reader to find the relevance of their own lives by reading her’s.

Each poem is a memory of a life lived. The cover does not do justice to the words within; it is a good read. 

The book sells for $15 and can be found on here.


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