Amanda Down Under

Living doll, model, performer, diva, work of art and the most famous transsexual in the world!

WHEN Amanda Lepore was in Australia in November, on her first trip to the country, I went along to see her perform at the club Neverrmind. I wasn't quite sure what to make of it all.

Men climbed on speakers, on couches and on each other to catch a glimpse of the life-sized barbie doll trotting around the stage in a glittery, green, strapless mini-dress worn strategically askew to reveal one breast with a glittery, green pastie over the nipple.


Christine Jorgensen

Christine JorgensenIn our spotlight is Christine Jorgenson, a true pioneer in the world of sexual reassignment surgery. She had undergone this procedure during a time long before such a thing would have been considered to be safe or acceptable.

Without question Christine Jorgenson's most significant contribution to vaginoplasty surgery was making the procedure commonly known to the public. Accounts of sexual reassignments in Europe had been occasionally published in journals and popular magazines but only a handful of transsexuals such as Jorgenson were able to sift through more arcane medical reports, make their way overseas and somehow attain surgery.


Cassandra Cass

Cassandra CassCassandra Cass had become a star on stage and screen.

Cassandra Cass is a star on San Francisco's popular lip-sync show, "Sunday's a Drag," at Harry Denton's Starlight Room. She has reached a limit of 5,000 friends on her Facebook page and has 1,000 on the waiting list. Now her fame is reaching even loftier heights, on Showtime TV's new midnight series, "Wild Things."

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