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As the wife of Gina Lance, Editor-in-Chief of TG LIFE and author of the book GET DRESSED!, people always ask me why her eyes POP!  Granted, it’s makeup skills she acquired over a period of time, but it’s also the fact that she wears falsies!  And I’m not talking about breast forms, I’m talking about false eyelashes.

According to Gina: ‘I was trained to include them in my makeup application.  Some people might think it’s over-the-top to always wear them, but hey, I always want to look my best, and I think they add to my look!’

I agree!


The Youngest Post Op Transsexual Wants To Be A Pop Star

Kim Petras

MEET the latest pop sensation. At 16 years old, with blonde good looks and a wholesome appeal, Kim Petras is set to be a superstar.

But this is no ordinary girl - Kim was actually born TIM.

Last October, just days after turning 16, she had a sex change operation to fulfill her dream of becoming a woman.

She is the youngest person in the world ever to have the dramatic surgery.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Kim - who lives in Cologne, Germany - said: "There never was a defining moment when I thought, 'I'm not meant to be a boy'. I lived my entire life as a girl.

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