The Way God Made Me

  • Written by  Jared Cerullo
The Way God Made Me

A Documentary A Documentary About A Journey Through Gender And The Presbyterian Church


A Wichita man's extraordinary journey - not only through life - but through the PresbyterianChurch. 'Thy Will Be Done' is a documentary about the life of Steve Herwig. It is gaining national attention at film festivals across the country, including Wichita's Tallgrass Film Festival. Herwig's dream of becoming a Presbyterian pastor led him to Boston, but his dream has been met with obstacles throughout his life that raise many questions about religion and sexuality. From Wichita to the quiet Boston suburb of Waltham, Mass., Steve Herwig is on a journey. His journey brings him here to the First Presbyterian Church in Waltham. This calling has come with much controversy. Constantly feeling out of place during his early life,, Steve Herwig found himself searching for his identity. Growing up a devout Christian in Wichita, Herwig graduated from Southeast high School.

"My father was very strict about trying to teach me about how to be masculine," Herwig said. "If I got picked on and I cried or something, he'd say 'toughen up.' Be a man like your brothers."

Herwig enrolled at Sterling College in Kansas, taking his girlfriend with him. He wanted to become a Presbyterian pastor.

"We used to sit on the front porch of my house," explained Billie Preston as she strummed a guitar. We would play guitar guitars and sing together. That's what we did a lot. That was our dating."

Preston is Herwig's ex-wife. Steve and Billie eventually married and had a daughter, but Steve had a secret.

"He had told me before we got married that he had trouble with cross dressing all through his life. It started when he was a little kid," Preston said. It was weird, but on the other hand, my world view was if I loved the lord enough and I loved him enough, then I didn't see what the problem would be."

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