Transgender Actress Sought for TV Series Featured

Transgender Actress Sought for TV Series

A new TV series scheduled to begin shooting in the spring of 2015 is searching for their lead actress in an all transgender and genderqueer casting.  

TGlife was contacting by Amy Fox to enlist our help in helping her find a lead actress for the upcoming TV comedy SWITCH. The information is as follows:

The Switch is the world's first transgender comedy TV show, and all of the transgender or genderqueer characters are played by transgender or genderqueer actors. We are shooting Season One in March and April of 2015. We are looking for a lead actress.

Regarding Diversity:

The Switch is shot and set in Vancouver, a cosmopolitan and culturally diverse city. We want Vancouver onscreen to look like Vancouver offscreen. We not just welcome, but prefer to see the full range of racial backgrounds, looks, sizes, accents, physical abilites, and levels of experience. We are ready to arrange ASL interpretation, make sure our sets are physically accessible, fragrance-free, and are happy to make other accessibility adaptations as needed.

Shoot dates:

Rehearsal starting early to mid march. Shooting for five weeks in March and April.

$3000 CAD plus round-trip air travel, emergency health insurance, billeted housing, the visa application fee, and

meals. Contract also includes residual.

Su - Female. 23-38*

Actor must be transgender or genderqueer. Actors of colour are strongly encouraged to apply. Any gender identity, operative status, stage/type of transition, look, size, accent, physical ability and level of experience.

Nerdy, reckless, optimistic, brittle. Sü has been out to herself for years, but moved from the USA to Vancouver Canada to come out as a transgender woman and finally live as a herself. She took a loan and got a comp scidegree. She got a 9 to 5. She got a gym membership. But like Ikea furniture built carefully to instructions, the chair of Sü’s life somehow only has three legs. Getting fired was quite the blow, and it only pointed out that, outside of work, she has a string of dates but no close friends. When Sü moves in with Chris, her new world and friends challenge her old assumptions. As her community is threatened, she can no longer stand idly by: an office climber becomes a community leader.

To apply, submit the following to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;

1 - A clear picture of your face, be it a professional headshot or a clear selfie

2 - A CV or list of any performance-related skills and experience

3 - A statement of your relationship to transgender identity or communities

Note: Actor does not have to identify as female or actually be 23-38 years old.

* Note: Actor does not have to identify as female or actually be 23-38 years old.


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