Transgendering with Venus Virgin Tomarz Featured

Transgendering with Venus Virgin Tomarz

The audacious and electrifying conceptual photography of Robert Earp focuses on the ‘surreal realness’ of transgendering with Venus Virgin Tomarz – Named after Earp’s ‘divalicious’ collaborator and muse.

Two FacesThe true story of Venus Virgin Tomarz is told in hyper-colourful composite photographs that recall the sci-fi kitsch of yesteryear. “Venus’s idea of taking 1960s sci-fi as the metaphor of her story of transgender, I just thought that was brilliant,” says Earp.

In Earp’s images, entire galaxies and epic encounters have been created in minute detail, using everyday household items as their building blocks, the stars are bicarbonate soda or a sprinkling of chalk dust; the moon is a swirling pour of beer; a Kitchenaid blender whips up tornadoes; and the flesh of alien robots comes from the fish in Earp’s own tank.

Nothing is as it appears but, once you metaphorically scratch the surface, these very analogue methods come together to pose profound futuristic questions that affect us all (whether goddesses or otherwise).

Where are we going and how are we getting there? Will we be able to accept each other in whatever guise we appear? 

“Behind it all, the narrative is about equality, really,” admits Earp. “It’s also about that fight between Venus and Mars in the classic sense from literature – you know, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. That fight is in everybody.”

“Congratulations. Welcome to the world of art, clarity and invention. These are the only things that move humanity forward. Even technology follows them.”

“And remember Equal is not just a drink sweetener, it’s how everything must be.” - Ian Buckland

About Robert Earp

Robert Earp is a multi-award-winning conceptual photomaker shooting global brand campaigns for agencies worldwide. He is owner and native of Glow Studios in Melbourne; a former partner in the boutique agency, FUSE ADVERTISING; and a maker of many, many, many photographs.

About the Head on Photo Festival

From mental illness and motherhood, ISIS and nudists, to the nightlife of Kings Cross in the 1970’s and rare and unseen images of David Bowie, Head on Photo Festival returns to Sydney in 2017 with a stunning array of exhibitions from around the world. Running from Thursday 5- Sunday 28 May 2017,

Head On Photo Festival is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious photo festivals. Since it began in 2010 the Festival has evolved from 70 events to 180 throughout its program. This year, over 60 featured exhibitions have been nominated as highlights of the Festival.

Key dates/Timings

Exhibition – 15th May to 4th June 2017

Opening night May 18 6-8pm

Artist talk – Sat May 20 2pm

Mandatory credit line: From Venus Virgin Tomarz by Robert Earp, courtesy of Black Eye Gallery and

Head On Photo Festival

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