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Who we become is an ambitious documentary that attemts to reveal the transgender journey beyond the actual physical transition. The film focuses on a makeshift family bonded by the search for community. Jace, who was kicked out from home, moved to NYC and found refuge with a trans family and a new life away from his rural Texas hometown.

With few resources, Kim and Cris run the only clinic in the Bronx that deals with trans care. They try tirelessly to create a family of transgender individuals who are isolated by friends and disowned by their families. Daisy is an activist, attempting to live openly as a transgender woman and inspire others to do the same in the process.

Jan Hendrik Hinzel, a New York-based journalist who is co-producing the film with Time magazine's Adam Perez, told HuffPost Gay Voices that "Who we become" is a unique take on transgender issues in that it does not emphasize the gender confirmation process.

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