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Reviews and notices of new books, plays, movies and music. Know of something? Review it and Email it to us (admin [at] tglife [dot] com), or just let us know about it so we can review it.

Rie Daisies: past, present and future

Rie Daisies – with a name reminiscent of some long-lost fairyland princess – is a composer and lyricist who hails from Michigan. A phenomenally gifted musician – who can expertly play a veritable litany of instruments, from the flute to the piano – and lyricist, she has achieved great success in both her avatars. She has released several EPs, and is currently working on her first full-length album. She is the author of songs like "Atarving The Beast" and "Don't Make Me Wait." She also recorded "People Passing (I Cry)" written by her grandmother.  


Who We Are

Who we become is an ambitious documentary that attemts to reveal the transgender journey beyond the actual physical transition. The film focuses on a makeshift family bonded by the search for community. Jace, who was kicked out from home, moved to NYC and found refuge with a trans family and a new life away from his rural Texas hometown.


A Project Outside of Modeling for Pejic

TG Life covered news on stunning model Andreja Pejic after she came out as transgender and completed her sex reassignment surgery back in July. Before surgery Andreja —ormerly known as Andrej — became one of the leading models in the world, modeling for both male and female clothing lines. However, even though modeling both lines led her to being the most successful androgynous model in history, she announced that she will strictly be modeling women's lines after completing her transition. But that's not the only big development that we can expect in Pejic's career in the near future.


Transgender story writers – The story behind the story

Have you ever wondered how people write stories;  where they got their ideas from? Where the inspiration to write comes from?

There are many writers who pen short stories with transgender themes, and it’s no surprise to find that transgender stories are very popular. Indeed there are numerous online sites that provide a focal point for many writers of transgender fiction to post their stories.

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