About TGlife

TGlife is an online magazine, social network and resource center for, by, and about the transgender community.   

The Company is owned and publsihed by Inicia Incorporated, a New york corporation, in assocaiton with its Editor In Chief Brianna Austin. Inicia Incorporated is an online publishing company focused on niche-specific online properties.  

Our Mission has a mission to provide a safe haven to memebrs of the the transgender community at large; to inform, educatate, engage and entertain its members. To break through the glass ceiling that the collective mainstream has established for us. And to some degree, to assist the actions and recognize the accomplishments of a select few who continue to push that envelop barrier. 

We provide a free platform for our members to build profiles, make friends, share content, particpate in forum discussions and more. 

Our Philosophy

We are a community! That's it, and we are as good or bad as the collective actions of the community as a whole. While we created this platform, we look to you -- the members -- to drive its direction and contribute to its growth. One might wonder "What can I do?" And to this we say -- get involved!

Involvement can be as simple as sharing your thoughts, asking question for things you don't understand, and sharing knowledge for the things you do in the blogs, forum and galleries. Support others on the front lines fighting for your right to exist as a human being unchained by who you are. Support the writers, performers, politicians -- and yes the sponsors of this site, because they alone sustain it as a free resource for you!

Our History

In early 2000 Gina Lance was the Editor in Chief of the print publication GIRL TALK. She enlisted Brianna Austin as the New York columnist and they formed a fast and long-standing friendship. At the tailend of 2004 Gina decided to leave the magazine she created. Brianna left the magaine in support of Gina and together they created While in Argentina Brianna enlisted a programmer to begin building a new concept site that merged magazine content, social networking and resources all in a seamless platform.  Under-staffed that site never achieved its full potential, and in 2011 was split into two entities: as a social network and as an online magazine.  

Never losing site of the combined vision, Brianna forged ahead with the running of the two sites until May 2014 when she finally accomplished the integrated concept with this new platform.   


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