Vivianna Van Gogh

Vivianna Van Gogh

Liberal arts educated and military trained, Vivianna still sails the world’s oceans looking for stories and adventures. When she’s not riding the high seas she can be found exploring Austin and reveling in the freedom it offers this 'OUT' TG girl


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Salon Muse

If you’re a Girl that loves to look her best and know you’re going to be in or around Austin Texas then you need to take the time and make the effort to get in to see Jon at Salon Muse.

It’s all just a walk in the Park

Austin has been enjoying a beautiful spring. We’ve had lots of rain, mild but warm temperatures, and some beautiful storms. Of course this means that everything around here is so green and full of life it just makes a girl dream of getting out and going for a walk.  

WTF Miss Vivianna; why Austin?

I travel a lot, and as I roam I tell everyone I meet about Austin. But until they get here, they have trouble understanding it.  So I thought the best place to kick off this column was to give ya’ll a little introductory tour of this city. I’ll fill it with all sorts of facts and such like so you get the basics into your head before we delve into deeper craziness later on.

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