Beauty or the Beast?

Beauty or the Beast?

Quiz Yourself On How Beautiful You Really Can Be. 

Hey Girls - hope all of you are thriving and certainly celebrating yourselves in all your glory.  You all know how I love and support you and most of all want you to feel good about yourselves and better yet, as a sister I want you to look good and I will certainly tell you the truth if you’re ‘Hot or Not’. 

How many friends will really tell you the truth? I can assure you if I know you, I have certainly told you and if we have never met just send me a picture.  As a matter of fact I will post a few of myself after losing over 40 lbs. and counting my blessings daily, which I might add is part of my beauty regimen. I FEEL GREAT!

As you all know having read my Beauty column, you know I feel beauty is not just outside but truly projects from within. So if you look good and know it all too well, chances are you suck! However, if you are humble and feel good, this projects out and you shine - nothing but sexy radiant beauty and that’s hot!

Fall is Hot Flash month BIG TIME!  Time for change… the leaves and foliage are beautiful.  Your fall look is in play, and for the record, you know I am for sure going to remind you that if you live in a changing weather climate, make sure your skin care is where it should be. Be sure to adjust your summer bronze so it is matching your current lifestyle. If you’re used to being in the summer sun and your tone is a med/dark, and your climate and activities are outside, then give yourself an A+ if you match.

If you are inside a bit more and are not in outdoor sport mode and are still using the same base give your self a BIG FAT “F”.

Let’s do a little Beauty Quiz.  Since Hallows Eve is near this will be fun and appropriate. Are you a Beauty or a Beast?  Ok let’s set the mood you little Hot Flash Cosmo Gurls - be honest, have fun and BRING IT!

Read the question and just answer True or False, and at the end we will tally up your score and find out where you land on the Hot Flash scale.

1) I wear the same color pallets because I have studied what will look good on me and/or I have had a consultation.

2) I don’t get out often and I try my best using odds and ends.  I have fun making it work and the end result is not bad.

3) I keep up on all the latest trends and follow them to a ‘T’.  I am out to look great and flaunt it - don’t hate me because I’m gorgeous!

4) I tend to copy movie star looks because I admire them and like their style and I think I look somewhat like them.

5) I lean more towards fetish looks because that’s my style.

6) I have to keep my makeup put up and don’t use it often.

7) Halloween is actually my favorite time because I get to use it as an excuse to dress.

8) I have only been out a few times and used a service to do a makeover.

9) I have never used a service but am confident I’ve got it down pretty good. Even though I have never left the house I dress and take pictures of myself and chat with other like-minded friends.

10) I go out all the time and have a style I put together all on my own! Mainly I go to malls and daytime fun.

11) I go out all the time - nightlife parties and clubs is my scene. 

12) I go to conventions and change looks to have fun and get a feel for myself.

13) I recently had a revelation and changed my look after a long time and I share what I did - that made a huge difference.

14) I agree that there is a method to hair color and makeup.

15) I admit I can be stubborn when it comes to advice.

16) When I am dressed the way I do my makeup makes me look younger.

17) I tend to use many steps during my makeup application.

18) I tend to use less makeup and focus more on fashion.

19) I feel like makeup is an important detail for my femme look.

20) I look at my peers to assess what not to do.

Great - how did you rate? For your own piece of mind, this is not a pass or fail - it is a fun assessment with questions and answers based on client cards and beauty industry personal assessments.  The point system works as a guide that would be useful for a technician to get to know you and help you with your personal style.  An ever so slight notation could be the key to unlock a fresh approach to what is already in place.  The principal is to add to, not change something that would fall into the category of don’t fix what’s not broken.  The other helpful tip is your personal style is what your “Makeup” is all about.

Okay ladies for every True give yourself 5 points and 0 for every False.  There will be 3 categories…

If you fell into 0-60 you may be limited or in a specific comfort zone - use this to your advantage.  If you’re not getting out much and ifAmanda Lepore you’re alone great - then you may have time to work with your look.  This is a great way to get into good habits. If you don’t get out much make sure your basics are the right ones.  Pitch the old brushes and if times are tough… make them count.  Treat yourself even if you’re a casual girl and less is more -make your pallet clean and take time to research YOU so you can own it! The pictures will be great and you will have a self-assurance that you can own.  Quality, not quantity is what matters.  Keep your mindset positive - make your chat time amazing with a wonderful bath with yummy smell goods, candles and if the products are simple – again use them right! A smooth look to enhance natural beauty / affordable simplicity is more than passable.

If you had up to 65 points, no more than 70, believe it or not you’re pretty fixed and are having fun.  Remember that flexibility is to your advantage - you’re not afraid to bring it. Your personal style is what makes you have so much fun, so your personality is more like the sky is the limit but… your sky / your limits.  There is always room to grow but in a good way - look at your pallet objectively and then go for it.  Ladies in this range you see out dressed, in all ways and going to all places.  If your fetish, then do it right! Pop your eyes and lips  - be open to realize that many steps are necessary for your completed look because it must be appropriate since you are making a statement.  In your case if you have this freedom make sure your personal MAKEUP IS IMMPECABLE! Furthermore you should be flexible with your application since you may have a tendency to enjoy many looks. Realize the eyes and lips WON’T always pop so ‘Wow’ yourself by not being so predictable when you think your not.  Sexy, flirty fun and proceed with full personality and just remember not just your theme but also the whole package.  Skincare, brushes, application for the look - details are important, and with a lady going full out, there is a difference when it comes to being a chameleon. The ability to change is what it’s known for - blending is the gift.

Now 70+ are the ladies that are in to the ideal look and category and classified as a studio client.  Soaking it all up.  This is a personal MAKEUP… in your case be sure to decipher if the tidbits you’re picking up are for you.  An eager learner can be put on overkill, trying to do everything right.  Your advantage is you are perceptive and you getting these things makes you question what you may have been told, or done before - this is when you try it and if it works great, however, you may learn a slight difference and notice the change was better or worse - so have fun with it.  With you trying the possible is passable, just realize that you do have options and some are no doubt better. So when you ask a friend or follow the regimen, make sure it’s right for you by looking straight in the mirror.  You will know and go with your gut!

Well ladies… what really concludes this column is no matter where these points put us, we are all beautiful beasts.  Sugar and spice and everything nice - that’s what girls are made of.  The key is one look has many variations – the same colors, just day look darker for night. A smoky eye opposed to a clean look, minor adjustments will always amaze you - amazed and better yet, if it doesn’t work thank goodness for diaper wipes! As long as there are cosmetic companies, there is always something bigger and better. BUT… no one thing will ever be the end all / be all EXCEPT those ugly nose hairs and improper base/beard cover.  Those are the most important beauty commandments!!!

Keep it real and “makeup” as you go. 

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