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As the wife of Gina Lance, Editor-in-Chief of TG LIFE and author of the book GET DRESSED!, people always ask me why her eyes POP!  Granted, it’s makeup skills she acquired over a period of time, but it’s also the fact that she wears falsies!  And I’m not talking about breast forms, I’m talking about false eyelashes.

According to Gina: ‘I was trained to include them in my makeup application.  Some people might think it’s over-the-top to always wear them, but hey, I always want to look my best, and I think they add to my look!’

I agree!


Eyebrow Grooming and Tweezing for TG Women

Femininity Expert Denae Doyle Explains How To Get That Perfect Brow!

For many crossdressers having too thin of an eyebrow is the first thing that will give you away while in "guy mode". Here are some great tips for getting your eyebrows cleaned up and looking well in both male and female mode.


The Youngest Post Op Transsexual Wants To Be A Pop Star

Kim Petras

MEET the latest pop sensation. At 16 years old, with blonde good looks and a wholesome appeal, Kim Petras is set to be a superstar.

But this is no ordinary girl - Kim was actually born TIM.

Last October, just days after turning 16, she had a sex change operation to fulfill her dream of becoming a woman.

She is the youngest person in the world ever to have the dramatic surgery.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Kim - who lives in Cologne, Germany - said: "There never was a defining moment when I thought, 'I'm not meant to be a boy'. I lived my entire life as a girl.

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