serena harris

serena harris

I'm a 64 year old crossdresser working on my book "Crossdressing: The Art and Magic of Feminine Illusion." 

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The Art and Magic of Feminine Illusion

Few sights are funnier or uglier than a man "in drag" who is overtly male and couldn't "pass" as a woman from a distance of 50-100 feet, grotesquely and ghoulishly so if crudely and conspiculously masculine:

That's why CD and drag are typically used for comedic effect in TV shows, movies, plays, grade-school/high-school/college skits, parades, on Halloween, at costume parties, "mock weddings," etc.: everyone has seen the faces with coarse dark beards, the proverbial "5 o'clock shadow," jarringly visible under makeup sloppily and clumsily applied, often intentionally, ludicrously cakey and thick and garish and smeared, a clown's mask that looks more like war paint than feminine adornment; even more vile and farcical if the man has a beard or mustache; their skulls crowned with cheap Harpo Marx and thrift-store Halloween wigs often in unnatural colors such as green and blue and fire-engine red.

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