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Shopping in Bangkok Featured

Shopping in Bangkok

Bangkok is a vibrant city that is abundant with whatever your heart desires. Whether you're headed there for male to female face feminization surgery, gender reassignment surgery, simple plastic surgery, and/or just a vacation, here are some insights of where and how to shop in Bangkok.  

The Platinum Fashion MallWell, when you are in Bangkok, don’t forget to drop by Platinum Fashion Mall, the products there are amazing. From clothes perfect for sun-kissed shoulders to halters and bikinis or trendy tie-neck tops, the mall carries a lot more in it's 2000+ stores. 

The place is perfect for shopping and is a cool place to sit and hang out when your feet get sore from roaming around, and checking out eye-catching fashion. It has everything your closet needs, from crochet boho crops to tailored suits and inspiring styles. The place is a favorite pick to freshen up your wardrobe for summer.

Beating the Rush Hour

For newbies who want to go on a shopping spree in Bangkok’s most fabulous fashion mall, here are some useful tips to beat the rush hours.

1. Plan your day in advance, and make sure to get there early.

Whether you are planning to shop the whole day or not, the key to complete your recovery at the end is a few Chang’s for decompression afterward.

The mall gets busy at two o’clock when fashion-conscious Thai teens get out from school.

2. If you find something you want, buy it immediately. Don’t hesitate! Or else you will not find it again.

You might spend hours going around, looking for choices and saying, “I’ll get back later.”

Well, don’t be too sure you will find the item when you get back, because the products of this mall are all in-demand, and chances are when you get back the item will be gone.

Remember, this is a 2500+ store mall, so don’t take chances.

3. The mall is tagged as a “wholesaler,” so if you buy in bulk, the price gets cheaper.

The logic here is that if you purchase only one piece, it means you’re not buying to resell it. When you're buying for individual use, the price you get is the regular price.

If you are intent on buying more than two items, ask the sales clerk what discount price you'll get. Surely, it will be a lot cheaper than buying just one.

4. This mall has a peculiar tag on some locations that says, “no can try.”

It means the store does not allow the would-be buyers to try it on. Buy as is. No buts and no ifs. However, Bangkok has an elastic modern fitting procedure wherein every garment has a Thai teen photo wearing the clothing.

5. Note that this mall is bargain shopping, not top quality.

It is trendy wear that will wear for quite a few compliments, but not as long as a high quality item would last.

6. Don’t plan on covering the entire mall in a day; it will overwhelm you.

Just imagine 2000+ stores in one place, that’s an incredible number. Pace yourself, and plan on buying something, with so many stores present there is always something for everyone.

7. Are you incapable of making decisions quickly?

You have to change that attitude when you’re in Platinum Mall. Be more decisive when you buy something you want. Do you like green or blue? Do I need a shirt or a dress? Do you want this brand or another brand? Diamond or gold jewelry? Make a short list in your head of things you need or want. You’ll either buy because it’s on your list or, it caught your eye. Just be sure to decide quickly because shoppers are like hawks just waiting for you to put something down so they can swoop in a grab it.

8. Pace yourself, Plan time for rest and food.

The mall has a food court with a wide array of delicious menus for you to choose. You can sit for awhile and taste some of their delicacies and partner them with a glass of fresh juice or iced tea.

9. Organize your luggage -- or perhaps consider buying a new piece to accommodate your new purchases. Plan ahead girls.

10. If a local is helpful, thank them and consider showing your appreciation by giving small presents.

A few little items wouldn’t hurt your budget. After all, it’s Baht, not dollars.


If you want to shop more, there are other malls and places worth visiting too. Give these places a try.

  • Terminal 21 is a special place, and I encourage you not to miss it during your trip. It has eight levels, with each a replica of a famous city. These include Istanbul, San Francisco, Tokyo, Rome, Hollywood, the Caribbean, Paris, and London. Plan a day of it. Here you can find what's hip and trendy with many brands of women’s clothing from famous designers of the world. It's an expensive place, yes, but it's worth the money.
  • MBK is famous for everything, from fashion to jewelry, from shoes to accessories, from regular phones to the latest tech gadgets. They also have technicians who can fix, repair, unlock, lock, and overhaul different devices.
  • Pantip Plaza – Pratunam is a mecca of electronics, even minuscule gadgets you can’t find anywhere else. They also have movie memorabilia here too, and I assure they’re all original, not copycats.
  • Central World has an open space in front that always has some events going on -- like concerts or dance programs and competitions. it has good quality at moderate prices, but the food court on the 12th level is where you can see a spectacular view of Bangkok, a favorite spot of tourists. 
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market has everything from pets -- puppies, cats, rabbits, etc. -- to dishes, teapots, clothing, artwork, jewelry, soap dishes, key chains, shoes, slipper., even potato sticks. It is the favorite hang-out for teenage Thai girls and expats.
  • Siam Paragon is the most elite store in Bangkok, drawing mostly foreigners, with the main floor offereing Hermes scarfs and other clothing, the second floor a display of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsche, & Harley Davidson and, the third floor sells BOSE, Nokia, iStudio, Apple, Samsung, etc.

Fashion is alluring and addictive. And if you want to go on a shopping spree, Bangkok is a great place to do it. Bangkok is the shopping capital of Asia. When it comes to fashion and the latest trends, you will surely find it in Bangkok, Thailand. 

About the author
Jenny Park is a seasoned fashion designer, and writer for the brand  French Connection, a company based in Australia. Her favorite pastime is reading articles about fashion and current events all over the globe.

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