Dawn Wyvern

Dawn Wyvern

Dawn lives in the rugged and beautiful Duchy of Cornwall, South West of England with her wonderful supportive partner, 14 canoes, 7 bicycles and 2 batty cats! She’s a Nurse Practitioner with an interest in Diversity and Health issues. She enjoys canoeing, surfing, travel, dancing and films. Having been active with-in the Trans community since the early 70’s, Dawn has seen many positive developments in Transgender rights world wide – although we’re not quite there yet, she feels that we are making progress.

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The Transgender Day of Remembrance 2015.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is now an international day of reflection of all those Transgendered people who have died from violence or by their own hand. In the United Kingdom we have a national memorial in Sackville Gardens on Canal Street in Manchester, the same park were Sparkle is held every year.

Kinky Boots - the Stage Show London!

The stage production of kinky boots is set in the town of Northampton in the middle of England. Northampton was one of the main shoe making centers of the UK and was caught out, as many other manufacturing industries were, by the rise of cheaper imports from foreign manufactures in the 1980’s.

The Boy in The dress

Well, the title does give the plot away somewhat, but the book is a delight to read. David Walliams is a popular British actor in the UK, and is a co-creator of the popular ‘Little Britain’ seen on British television -- where he and Matt Lucas are renowned for their comical female characters.

Sparkle 2014

My friends and I missed Sparkle last year due to working, but this year we looked so forward to the event, planning a 4 day getaway. As usual I drove up from Cornwall collecting friends on the way, starting with Jemma then Ginny and Nicky, we all sat snugly in my landrover, the back pilled roof high with all the bags (oddly Nicky had the largest and heaviest bags but wore the least clothes!!) anticipating our arrival. 

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