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Hey ya’ll; I’m Ms. Vivianna La Tart and I’m here to tell you that there’s more to Texas than cattle and sticky black goo.

I’m going to be doing my best to entertain you with stories of my -- and other's -- adventures, as well as share some of the secrets I’ve learned about this great state (and in particular Austin) when it comes to getting all dressed up and painting the town.

I won’t bore you with the what’s and wherefore’s about my past or how I got here, but I’ll tell you who I am today. Despite my vivacious curves and amber curls, underneath this beautiful feminine exterior I’ve still got my dangly bits; and in all likelihood I’ll hang on to them till I die (they do have their uses).

I’m married and between us my wife and I have raised 5 kids. Most of which know me both as Dad and Vivianna. They’re all teenagers and beyond, so things have become a bit more open around the house. That’s an entire different series of articles I may get around to writing someday.

In the mean time; when I’m not off living a life of danger on the high seas I can be found working the land around my small farm just outside of Austin where we raise organic turkeys and hogs. If I’m not knee deep in sweat, oil, or mud I’m probably crafting words for my second novel; bending, burning, and welding steel into something artsy, or pestering my friends to skip work and join me for margaritas at 9am on a Thursday. These are some of my favorite activities; but what really gets me going are my days and nights in Austin.

Austin is by far the warmest and most welcoming city I have ever been in. When it comes to being yourself, with whatever label you choose, you’re sure to find friends in Austin that will love and embrace you for who you are. My wife and I were living in San Antonio just 5 years ago when we realized that every time we wanted to go have fun, we would make the 90 minute drive into Austin to do it. That’s all it took for us to make the decision to move here, and I can’t stop singing about this town.

So, it is my hope that you’ll be able to ride along with me as I continue to explore this town and get to know some of its magic and mystery. I’ll pass along pictures when possible and definitely give you a long list of fun and friendly destinations if you’re in Austin or planning a visit.

Thanks for following, and don’t be shy now. Feel free to write me anytime with questions, comments or even destination challenges. If you’ve heard about a particular place and you want to get a feel for how they respond to our folk, let me know and I’ll get dressed up for ya and take a ride; could be fun.

Thanks so much!

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