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Zilker Park: Austin Texas Zilker Park: Austin Texas

Austin has been enjoying a beautiful spring. We’ve had lots of rain, mild but warm temperatures, and some beautiful storms. Of course this means that everything around here is so green and full of life it just makes a girl dream of getting out and going for a walk.  

Vivianna_Park_3So that’s exactly what I did; I grabbed my trusty photographer, spent way too much time deciding on the perfect outfit, threw on a dash of make-up and I was out the door.

The air outside was fresh and just warm enough to be comfortable -- without worry of excessive perspiration. There was a hint of rain, but life at Zilker Park was showing no signs of worry.  The volleyball courts were all full; the grass fields were teaming with people playing Frisbee football and soccer.  Parents were letting their children run wild over boulders and into trees.  

It was everything a day in the park is supposed to be.  We even came across a small group of men practicing their tight-rope walking, and that was pretty cool to watch.  

We arrived there just after 7pm, so to be honest this was not as everyday has been.  It was a challenge, but that’s the thrill of it all. I hesitate for a moment, before my dear photographer let me know that I wasn’t backing out of this. So I threw open the door and kicked my feet out.  A second later and I was desperately searching for a mirror so I could try to reaffirm that all my curves and curls were in the right place; but after my brief panic attack everything settled down and we started to walk.  

There were people coming from behind me, some straight at me, and other at my side.  I was out and exposed, and I felt wonderful. In less than 5 minutes all my anxiety faded and I just walked and talked with my friend as we explored the park and tried to find a few good spots to take pictures.  

I take as many of her as she does of me, and together we have a great hobby of putting them together with a little photoshop editing -Vivianna_park- so that we can put them out there and have some fun. She did a great job this day, and I don’t think I’ve ever looked or felt better.

We spent about and hour exploring and taking pictures, then we got hungry.  Austin, I believe, is at the forefront of the good food/real food movement and Péché is definitely working that angle.  Their chef’s are clearly amazing and everything we sampled was a delight.  

The cocktails were every bit as savory as the charcuterie, and our waiter was about as polite and professional as I can imagine one being.  He knew his menu and took great pride in discussing with me where they found each of their ingredients locally.  If you can’t tell, food is definitely a passion of mine, so much so that I’ve started my own little organic farm here in Texas where I raise heritage hogs and turkeys as well as apples.  

That about sums up our afternoon and evening in downtown Austin. The experience was delightfully uneventful in terms of drama or trauma. No-one stared, no-pointed fingers or whispered words could be heard behind my back.  I never felt more normal in a dress. I looked good, and as far as I’m concerned the looks I did get were more amorous and admiring than anything else.

I still need work on my voice, but the rest of the package is coming along nicely.  

Stay tuned for reports on my next adventure in Austin; and as always, if you have a request for somewhere you’d like me to go or something you want me to do, just shout it out and we’ll see what we can come up with.  

I’ve got a little story to tell you about my daughter and her challenge to me, but I’ll hold onto that one for a little longer till we see how it turns out.


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