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Good freinds, Good Food, Liguor and Dancing.

NYC2So after so many years out of the country, I finally got a transgender Girl’s Night Out with friends on February 18
th.  In the summer of 2011 Fran got me to dress up for the Same Sex Wedding Expo as a bridesmaid model for Fontana Formal, but that was more work than fun.  This was just a night out with friends; a brief coming home to my beloved NYC. It was also, after so many years in slacks, a renewed coming out.   

I was only going to be in town a few weeks, and had a packed schedule.  But I set aside this weekend for me time, inviting a few close friends to meet for dinner and drinks. I also posted that meet up as an event on the calendar, hoping to get to meet some new friends from that membership. 

We all met up at the East of Eighth bar.  It was a trip down memory lane for me, flooding my mind with such vivid images of the good times I'd had there so many years ago; with Jack behind the bar, Jamie and I getting all the people there up and dancing, and the great themed parties that I (and the Girls Club) and Stephanie threw there once a month in the upstairs restaurant, all before I left for Argentina in 2004. 

When I entered, Holly and Lily were already there.  The former, a reporter for, I’ve known for a few years now, and the latter, the first transgender girl I had ever met (first online in 1999 and then in person) when I first came out. It was so great to
see them and get some us time to get reacquainted.  The rest of the gang all arived shortly thereafter. 

My dear friends Fran, Tar and her girlfriend were there, and Donatella I met for the first time that night, and we had a lot of laughs al night.   

We had dinner in the patio room at East of Eighth.  Talking about it being my birthday month, the waiter overhead “birthday” and brought out a surprise desert that we all shared – it was decadently good!

Then we all headed downtown to Garage on 7th Ave. in the West Village; just south of Sheridan Square and West 4th Street.   It’s a
straight bar with live music, but T-friendly.  Whether we’d find parking for all three cars was a question.  Fran and I circled the neighborhood a few times before we spotted a parking spot on one of the side streets -- right near The Monster, the legendary gay club in Sheridan Square. 

Fran, as you can see to the right, was in a silly mood when she parked and couldn't get out the driver side and had to skoot across theSillyFran to the passenger door.  Then, just as we exited the car and started walking, sirens came roaring up the street. “Brianna, wow, they're going all out for your birthday!” Hehe.

Everyone managed to get to Garage, and we had drinks among the crowded bar.  About 1:30 we headed across the street to Grove Street, and my favorite spot, Arthurs Tavern.  IT’s a hole in the wall, really, but I love the band and the energy they provoke among the crowd: the music is so hot it makes the dead want to dance.  Being alive and well, none of us needed much encouragement to shake it. 

Wow, do I love nightlife in New York!  

See some photos here

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