The Mermaid Parade

The Mermaid Parade

New York is home to many great one-of-a-kind events, and the Mermaid Parade held at Coney Island (Brooklyn) each year is one that provides a creative outlet for many to get out of the closet.

Mermaid ParadeBut I'm not referring solely to trans-folk getting out of the closet.

Holly Holt, who works in financial public relations for a firm in Brooklyn told the Wall Street Journal that "Of course, the monotony of wearing pantsuits can wear down anyone's creativity. In the various female groups and professional associations I am affiliated with, I have noticed a common thread: Many women secretly lead creative lives on the side and are very reluctant to reveal this in the work place."

One such group is the Sexcamaids, a 30- member group that strutted their stuff in this year's parade.

The events just celebrated its 30th such parade this year under hot and sunny skies.

Rutan told the Huffinton Post that "It's a parade of open expression. It's always fun and wild. We love the creativity that shows up."

When self-described “parade addict” Marni Halasa learned she had won first place in the Best Motorized Float category in the 2011 Mermaid Parade as “Icetina, Cosmic Snowmaid of the Arctic,” she nearly jumped out of her starfish pasties and into the pools of water at the New York Aquarium, the site of the Mermaid Ball where the winners were announced last Saturday night [according to the Brooklyn Eagle).

“I was pretty shocked,” said Halasa, a professional figure skater from New York City who has been participating in the Mermaid Parade for the past eight years. “I knew my act was unique since I was ice skating in the middle of the summer; I just didn’t realize how well it would go over. The crowds went crazy.”

Parade organizers said that in the 29-year history of the parade, they had never seen actual ice skating on a float. To make it happen, Halasa rented a snowmobile trailer, laid down a synthetic ice surface, and adorned it with a silver skirt, white balloons and streams of bubbles.

Halasa, a former lawyer who gave up law to teach figure skating and perform in city events, wore an iridescent silver sequined skirt, starfish pasties studded with rhinestones, translucent Isis wings, a platinum blond and blue wig, a spiked tiara and, of course, ice skates (Read more).

Stay tuned for the upcoming INVASION OF THE PINES on July 4, 2011

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