Valley For The Dolls: a land of disco plenty!

Happy ValleyThere may be no more appropriately named spot on the New York nightlife landscape than Happy Valley. Located in the unassuming Flatiron District on 27th Street between 5th and Madison, this club REALLY resides in the nostalgic good-time glow of the Studio 54, platform heels and shag carpet ’70s.

Conceived by famed and fabulous fashion designer Jeremy Scott, a trip through the front door transports you into a kaleidoscope of color and impressive architecture that houses three levels of unbridled excess.

Saturday Night Fever runs at epidemic proportions on a dance floor that flashes a rainbow of hues that wash up over a spectrum of beautiful and eclectic people on the verge of an energy orgasm brought on by the good music and friendly and absolutely accepting atmosphere.

The 5,000-square foot space rides the retro-chic theme to the furthest edges of out there with a suspended 14-foot DJ booth shaped like a Disco Ball that is nearly straddled by a wide-open pair of women’s legs in sexy stockings. It’s only one of the many non-traditional welcome signs that are the clubs signatures.
The cozy bottom level features a more intimate bar with a beautiful boy behind it as sartorially splendid waitresses do their part around the dance floor. The scene gets wilder as you ascend to the packed main floor dodging hot women (both male and female), hot bodied boys and every other conceivable creative kind of patron seeking (and finding) nothing but good wishes and a better time—all while a gorgeous go-go dancer keeps things, um going in a cage overhead.

Mirrored ceilings bring a sensationally glam feel and more than a little intimacy to the upstairs with leopard-print couches that line the walls and the glass railed balcony that offers a spectacular view of the main floor.
As if the club itself weren’t enough, the Valley reaches even higher heights on Tuesday when New York Nightlife Diva Susanne Bartsch and Club Kid Icon Kenny Kenny throw their weekly glamapalooza.

On the night this T-Girl made the scene, Dita Von Teese, the rightful air to Bettie Page’s silky throne performed a burlesque show for a packed house of glitterati.,fashionistas, sequined-queens to ecstatic response that fueled another level of revelry. Not only was I completely accepted, I was welcomed and catered to by the lovely ladies on staff and the PR team—all of whom made me feel like one of the gorgeous girls.
If you like to swim in the mainstream with the rest of the beautiful people with no fear of ignorance or ill will, this is the place to dive in. Happy Valley is the Promised Land for the pretty.

14 East 27th Street, NYC 10016 | p 212.481.2628 | f 212.481.2638 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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