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Jenny Hiloudaki Featured

Jenny Hiloudaki

She was as Iconic for her beauty as for the scandal that she draws to herself like bees to honey.

Born in Sitia on the Greek island of Crete in 1968, life began as Yiannis (Greek for "John") named after her father. But as a boy Jenny (then Yiannis) realizedat a very early age that he was actually a girl, or should have been, and began taking female hormones at the age of 13. GRS was completed at the Charing Cross Hospital (United Kingdom) at the age of 20.

She became one of the top models in Greece shortly thereafter; appearing in many top magazines, and also modelled on a catwalk in Italy where she was photographed next to Italian actress Sophia Loren. However, her life was not without scandal and gossip. Most notable was her 1997 affair with District Attorney George Sakkelaropoulos, who she apparently met when he was inspecting the brothels in Rhodos -- according to Wikipedia. Then, when he discovered that she had been born male, the couple broke up, he returned to his family, and the media went on a feeding frenzy. It was alleged by some that Jenny intended the scandal for all the media hype that was certain to follow. The media used the story to humiliate Sakkelaropoulos and the Department of Justice.

By 2000, however, scandal behind her, she was voted Greek Woman of the Year, though there is no listing we've yet found to indicate by whom.

2002 was a better year for Hiloudaki, though she couldn't seem to stay away from scandal. She had released her autobiography E Zoe mou: E Aggeli den Ehoun Fylo (My life: Angels Have No Gender), which was also released as a comic book entitled JennyX. Tatiana Stefanidou invited Jenny to appear on her TV show Yalinos Tihos to talk about her newly released book. Greek singer Julia Barka was also a guest on the show, and began talking about her intention to release her own book in the coming months. Jenny quickly interrupted her saying that Barka had not even started the book. The two then got into a heated conversation with profanities flying about.

A following up book entitled I Mavri Vivlos (The Black Bible) that was released in 2003 provides additional info not found in her (Jenny's) first book.

By 2006 Jenny owned a cafe-restaurant in Sitia. But scandal followed her as residents of Sitia were accusing her of working as a prostitute and organising sexual orgies. They boycotted the café-restaurant, trying to drive her out of business. Jenny appeared on another TV show hosted by Stefanidou, entitled Apokalypsi Tora to defend herself. She denied doing such things and claimed that the rumours were started out of prejudice; patrons of her café-restaurant complained about even such minor things as the ambient music. Hiloudaki also claimed that many rumours were started by a lesbian student who was attracted to her and who decided to exact her revenge upon discovering that the feeling was not mutual.

Today she lives in Rhodos with her two cats Leo and Snow White, and her bird Kitsos.

No matter what she did, said, didn't do or didn't say, the one thing that can't be disputed is her amazing beauty. Jenny Hiloudaki can truly say she is a self-made woman.

See her amazing photo gallery here

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