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Its a statement about who you are. While there are always trends that are more popular at a given time, and certain looks that are timeless and classic -- the little black dress, for example -- fashion is about taking what's new and trendy and making it your own. Our fashion columnist will keep you informed as to what's trendy and what's not; what the chic are wearing; what styles are best with your body type; and the big fashion "faux pas" to avoid.

5 Steps To Transgender Fashion

Recent reports say that 0.6 percent of the US Population identify as transgender. While that may seem like a tiny percentage, it translates to 1.4 million people wanting a free expression of who they truly are. Trans girls who struggle to express their femininity openly can use the help of fashion in achieving their goals. Here are 5 steps to transgender fashion.


The Style Within You

Have you ever been with someone who is shopping for new clothes and tries on a dizzying number of items only to leave empty handed? Did you see things they tried on and didn't like; what did you think? We all have that fantasy of having that model figure. The reality is we have to face the facts and our body type, size and shape, and what we can afford.


The Fun in Fashion

I don't like sports like football or baseball, but I do workout daily either strength training or cardio. If shopping was classified as a sport then I would easily wind up in the playoffs! I love to read Marie Claire, Vanity Fair and Glamour magazines, as well as Oxygen and Prevention, wether electronic or in print. It's not that I want to run out and be into the latest looks but it's what drives retail and it is awesome to be on top of what is now. It is so fluid and changes rapidly. You might ask; Why do I care?

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