5 Steps To Transgender Fashion Featured

5 Steps To Transgender Fashion

Recent reports say that 0.6 percent of the US Population identify as transgender. While that may seem like a tiny percentage, it translates to 1.4 million people wanting a free expression of who they truly are. Trans girls who struggle to express their femininity openly can use the help of fashion in achieving their goals. Here are 5 steps to transgender fashion.

Clothes play a significant role in expressing one's self. Psychologists call this term "Enclothed Cognition" where the clothes you wear can affect your daily lives. But a lot of transgender girls struggle with this particular aspect of gender expression.

If putting outfits together seems like a big mystery to you, here are five tips to achieve that perfect look you want to show the world so that you'll never be confused for the rest of your days.

Put on the Basic Pieces

When dressing up for the day, consider putting an essential piece first. This clothing will serve as the foundation for your whole outfit. Outfits that go well with this are clothing in a neutral color. Examples of basic pieces are solid black pants, neutral-colored jackets, and classic A-line skirts. When you put clothes like this on, it will serve as a blank canvas for the next step.

Add an Interest Piece


After trying on pieces and designs with neutral colors, the next step is to add pieces that will make your outfit pop. These clothes should be pieces with patterns, shine, texture, or colors. Examples of interest pieces are a brightly colored dress, floral skirts, or a lace top.

Adding pieces like a floral dress that has bright and flashy colors will make you look much prettier, and more feminine. But, for obvious reasons, clothes like these should be suitable for your age and the occasion.

Your Shoes Matter

shoesShoes can significantly affect your outfit, so you need to choose wisely. Choosing the wrong footwear can ruin your look, no matter how cute the rest of the outfit is. There are two rules for choosing the shoes you're going to wear: 

Occasion - Formal events call for something elegant like heels or sparkly styles. Informal events call for more casual styles like flats. Color - Don't hesitate in playing with your shoes' color. While neutral colors like brown and black always work, an unexpected and a more flashy color can do the trick.

 Accessorize Away! (also see "Accessoritizing)


Go all out using your shiny and bright accessories! Accessories can spice up your whole look and style. Examples of these are jewelry, sunglasses and so much more. It's all up to you. 

However, crossdressers and transgender women must remember one rule: go for accessories that match your features. Large necklaces or earrings can look much better when matched with your proportions.



 Complete Your Look With A Handbag


You can finish your whole look with a bag. Just like how you choose your shoes, there are two things to consider: Occasion - Formal events call for a more structured bag. The more structured the handbag is, the more stunning it looks. Casual events call for bags with laid-back fabrics like leather or canvas.

Color - Neutral colors do work, but brightly colored is what's trending today. Try experimenting for yourself, and don't worry about matching your bag and shoes, that’ll work out fine.


If you’re planning on heading out for the day, expressing your true self can be a hassle, but remember, in creating your whole look, consider the essential things you need. And don’t forget to show the entire world that transgender beauty by becoming the woman you want to be!






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