Are you suffering from ABD (Abundant Black Disorder)? Featured

Are you suffering from ABD (Abundant Black Disorder)?

Well, I love black. Its classic, it’s practicable, it’s thinning and it’s an essential in every well-dressed girls wardrobe. And that is besides the fact that black is simplicity and a color that can be worn for every occasion. But, did you know ...?$c7thumb$ Did you know that black can compose 20, 40, 60% of your closet and in one example, it was 90% of one woman’s closet (she was blond though). I mean it’s certainly a safe standby when you don’t know what else to wear.

So, heresy, not to wear black. Carol Tuttle, Dressing Your Truth, says black may be bold, but it’s a still color. If you are not a bold, striking woman for instance, black could make you look washed out. Now if I told you not to wear pink, yellow, or orange, you probably wouldn’t think much of it, but black.

But what if I told you that you will look silly or your face could disappear behind it, or even worse, that you’ll age 10 years. Do I have your attention now?

Now I’m not saying to get rid of all your black, because you can still be sparkling with the right accessories, but let’s consider some other colors too. Many mature women worry about drawing too much attention to themselves as they age because their skin and hair slowly fades. But what we really need is a shot of color, because color is energy, and energy is youthful. And isn’t that what we all want – to look youthful, full of life and fabulous!!

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This summer, there are many new and bold, colorful choices and these choices can follow you into the fall and winter seasons. If you want simplicity, compare this striking teal dress. The clean lines and relaxed silhouette will give you an elegant look. Pair it with a statement necklace or add a belt to enhance the look. And don’t forget to finish the look with some killer heels or if those 4 inchers are killing your feet, you might want to consider the smaller-inched kitten heel style. This one hides those lumps and bumps too.

Well, if you are brave enough to turn your back on the black and try something bright and fun, another excellent color to start with is green. Green is a really sensible and matches almost everyone’s skin tone and hair color. Green is really in style at the moment so now would be an excellent time to get yourself a green dress. You can wear green both during the day and in the evening, so if you are opting for more of a day dress you cannot go wrong with strappy or sleeveless sundress.

I really love this green multi-print sun dress from Roman Originals which looks absolutely stunning and is enough to make any 20-year old jealous! Who says you can’t be sexy with a knee or midi length dress.

Another fabulous color is blue. Blues, especially bright and deep blues, have always looked beautiful on any woman, skin tone or hair color. If you are opting for this color for daytime wear, it’s always best not to be too blue. But if you are looking for an alternative black dreagain with

White is also a good alternative to black, however, you should be careful when it comes to choosing the cut as anything billowy and white can easily be mistaken for a wedding dress! A safe way to avoid looking like a bride at someone else’s wedding is to choose a white patterned dress. Delicate and pale floral prints always go down as a treat, but perhaps the most stylish this season is a white dress with black prints. Black on white looks really good when wearing an A-Line dress or anything that flows as it catches the eye pleasantly rather than a short sharp contrastss purely for the evening, Roman Originals have some really beautiful blue dresses. The most glamorous is the Jade A-Line satin dress- it’s so elegant and beautiful, you’ll wonder why you never bought one before now!

 But if you really want to step out in a dazzling flash of color and WOW the competition – this red strapless A-line pleated dress will do the trick.

The good news is that all fashion retailers offer a number of bright alternatives to the little black dress this summer. With so many social occasions to attend over the summer introducing a little color will definitely help sets the mood for the wearer.

Current trends also include deep purples and plums, or bright and flowery. Leopard print dresses, all available in a variety of lengths to suit a number of different occasions from ultra-smart - such as weddings and other formal events to more casual attire, such as a night out with the girls.

So ladies, enjoy your summer in this array of dazzling and beautiful dresses. And until next month, enjoy being the girl that you are and remember, wearing color is the way forward.




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