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Change Your Shoe Skins With Your Mood

What woman doesn’t love shoes? It seems to be in our DNA, truly a gender thing that women love them while men seem more times than not indifferent to them; for the former they are an extension of ones emotions and fashion personality, while for the latter more of a function over fashion.

How many times have you been walking down the street and been lured to a store window for no apparent reason -- “Oh, look at those!” More than just being attracted to them, there are times where you actually feel an emotional rush from the thought of slipping your foot into them.

But shoes can be expensive, and I don’t know about you, but it seems that almost every outfit requires it’s own coordinated pair. There are some, like the
CiccarelliAnimalblack or red pump, or an ivory spiked sandal even,that can be paired with multiple outfits, but [at least in my experience] more times than not I shop for shoes with a specific outfit in mind. And it requires a good eye together with persistence to acquire good quality at good prices.

What if you have a pair of heels with beautiful lines and could now sidestep the limitations of color and design? A company called Ciccarelli Heels has introduced High Pheels.

I caught up with the owner and asked him where the inspiration came from, and he said “High Pheels started on Leap Day 2012 when a friend flew down and had an entire suitcase packed full of high heel shoes. I thought to myself that's insane, why not have one shoe and simply change out the skins. I created my first prototype that night from a tube sock, elastic hair band, and some really crude stitching.”

It is certainly a novel and clever concept, and may just save you lots of money. High Pheels (pronounced peels) are an ingenious cover that fits over women's high-heeled shoes, which completely changes their look and makes them more comfortable. Ciccarelli Heels are designed to hold a pair of High Pheels perfectly, and are manufactured with your foot in mind. Ciccarelli Heels combine exclusive foam padding and a gel insole built directly into the shoe. The manufacturer claims that “Now anyone can rock our gorgeous high heels all day long with zero foot discomfort!”

They note that both Ciccarelli Heels and High Pheels work together to provide unheard of shoe performance and create one-of-a-kind good looks.

I asked Anthony how long it took to go from that first night’s prototype to actual manufacturing. He said “Considering I had zero knowledge of design, pattern making, fashion, or even high heels, it took me just about 2 years to finalize the process. Our manufactures for High Pheels are located in Dallas, Texas and for our heels we use the same manufacturer as the Steve Madden brand.

They plan to carry a full range of sizes, from size 5 - 13.5, in order to provide great products to all high heel lovers.

To see new designs and learn more about High Pheels, view their website at"

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