Do High Heels Make The Women?

Do High Heels Make The Women?

Does Size Matter… In Heels That Is?  Do 4”, 5” or 6” Shoes Make You Feel More Feminine? 

Hi, I’m Gina Lance, author of the book, GET DRESSED!  Because TG Reporter and TgLife are interactive, and we do want your comments as part of our columns and stories, I think it’s time for a series of questions that you can add your thoughts to. 

For each subject I’ll add some of my own thoughts, with some of my own questions, but I really want to know what you think about each feature column. So let’s begin…

It’s time at TG Reporter for another Sex In The City style column.  And this is the question: Do High Heels Make A Woman? 

Okay – I admit it.  I do own several pairs of flats or near flats but I have them for several reasons.  At conventions where I have done book signings where I’m on and off my feet for 8 hours, I wear them. When I’ve done outdoor Pride festivals – I’ve worn them.  Especially if I have on shorts, let’s face it – high heels can give you that unwanted ‘lady of the night’ look!

But other than that, I wear heels – usually 4”.  I have worn up to six inch modeling on a runway but I have to admit that took a lot of practice.  I’d rather walk gracefully -- rather than that look like I’m teetering across the room!

So why do we love High Heels? Here are a few words from Katie of

high-heel-shoes"An elegant high heel embodies femininity and glamour! It is an accessory to re-up the natural feminine charm."

Although often they are considered to be not very comfortable, with a little practice and some advice you can jump and dance in high heels in a relatively short time. Why wear them? 

For elegance


Despite the discomfort it brings, high heels have advantages, mainly in terms of seduction.  It is no secret to anyone: high heels give a look for women. They add to your style, your body is more refined, your legs appear longer and your body more shapely. In addition, they get married to any style that you wear - jeans or an evening gown. 

For sensuality; high heels provide more sensual "benefits". You walk with your head right and watch your step, if only to keep the balance. At the same time, you will feel more daring, more feminine, more attractive. 

Now to complete your hidden desire to become one hot bombshell, try Stilettos! 

The heels of the Stilettos mirror the sexiness of therhinestone-strap-stilettos-prom-shoes-sexy-high-heel-shoes-zaphonshoescom-clip female body, which makes people associate erotic tendencies in such heels. The sexy heels lengthen the legs, reduce their width, and render the feet very small. Aside from this, they also enhance the posture of the body since the butt flexes backward and the chest moves forward as a woman wears the shoes. 

 So now when you want to dress up sexy and seductive, just put on a pair of Stiletto’s and get ready to go and conquer the world!

So… Do High Heels Make A Woman?  While they might not MAKE the woman, they certainly add style, and give you ‘the look’! But practice makes perfect, so do practice walking in them before going out.  Nothing looks more ridiculous, or dangerous, than a ‘girl’ stumbling across the room trying to maintain her balance. Instead, add to your feminine mystique by walking gracefully – in High Heels.

TG Reproter and TgLife are INTERACTIVE.  So please let others know… Do High Heels Make A Woman? 

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Le Dame


Nine West Nuncio Heel (Black)

Nine West Nuncio Heel (Black)

If anyone knows staples and what women want it s Nine West. Just look at these pointed pumps and try to think of something (besides pajamas) that they won t match. And even then it depends on the pajamas.


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