Do You Wear Pantyhose During Warm Weather?

Do You Wear Pantyhose During Warm Weather?

This is a question I am asked  ... a lot. So here are some tips to help the TG woman decide what is best for her!

There’s a raging debate in the dressing rooms of the world in regards to pantyhose. Some think it’s a major faux pas to wear pantyhose (we’re talking about sheer nylons — not tights), while others think it’s a major faux pas not to. This is another place where you will apply the common-sense rule. If it’s 100 degrees outside, it’s pretty stupid to wear pantyhose; however, if it’s 10 degrees outside, it’s stupid not to wear pantyhose or some sort of covering over your legs. Use common sense and make the decision for yourself.

 If you ladies shave your entire leg, you can oil them with Baby Oil or a good lotion, and simply paint your toenails. Another option, I use during the summer is to oil my legs, and then spray “Sally Hanson Leg Spray” which gives my legs color and helps create the same look when wearing hose. This is a wonderful product for the TG woman, as it washes out that day, and leaves no orange stain. You can also use Sally Hanson Leg Spray to cover the chest area that shows a “man tan” from wearing open collar shirts with short sleeves. (Spray your chest and your arms to blend into one single color). I promise, this really works and is easy to remove the same day, with soap and water. Select a color that would best match your “tanned” areas, so you can blend the spray over the light areas.

 Do try this, as an alternative to wearing hose on a warm day. This is a difficult decision, as many of us feel hose do look great on our legs. I decide how comfortable I want to be for that day, and where I am going. I recently purchased the panty hose that are for open toe shoes, they have a loop around the big- toe. They worked very well, but again they were warm; however I could wear them with my open toe summer shoes. They have them at Nordstrom’s.

What color of hosiery do you select?  Select the color of hosiery that most matches your skin tone (the color on your arms, face, and chest). “Suntan” is a great color if your skin has gold tones and you tend to tan. Or select a “Buff” for light skin tones. Coffee Bean for the darker skin tones (Asian, Hispanic).  Again, I must repeat, you want to select a shade of hosiery that best matches the skin color on your face, arms, chest, and hands.

I would suggest buying a Queen size, if you carry weight in your stomach area, as this avoids the “roll down”. I have put Maternity hosiery of many TG’s who have a barrel type stomach, as it gives support and they will not roll down. They can be purchased on line or at JC Penny’s. I suggest a Tall size, if you’re over 5’10 inches. JC Penny’s also has Tall sizes. Donna Karen has beautiful hosiery, in gold and silver shades, ( I am always asked what brand of golden shimmery I wear in my DVD’s and Donna Karen has beautiful shades). I always “stretch” my hosiery out before I put them on, as this helps with runs. Also, do not wear any jewelry, which “catches”.  Put them on slowly, and gently bend while applying them over your hips. Be sure your toenails are nicely manicured! My vote for evening? Wear the lighter sheer black colors.


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