The Fun in Fashion

The Fun in Fashion

I don't like sports like football or baseball, but I do workout daily either strength training or cardio. If shopping was classified as a sport then I would easily wind up in the playoffs! I love to read Marie Claire, Vanity Fair and Glamour magazines, as well as Oxygen and Prevention, wether electronic or in print. It's not that I want to run out and be into the latest looks but it's what drives retail and it is awesome to be on top of what is now. It is so fluid and changes rapidly. You might ask; Why do I care?

I want to know about the new looks in shoes, hairstyles beauty products. What is hot and sexy and the gab. I also want to be fit and look my best so I can try on those great looks. One of the reasons I love it is it allows me to connect in my conversation, to really know what girls want and let others know I know that. More importantly I can tell others who get it and connect. I love to guess at what she is wearing and the designer, or where she shops and the looks they like. Shoes tell a lot, short girls wear the best to enhance their look and height.

Alesha DixonThis spring has brought some really exciting and beautiful prints in bold colors and Orange is really hot now. Each season new dyes bring new looks and colors that are slightly different than the past.

Being a Platinum member of White House Black Market (WHBM) allows me the inside on what's new, what's coming and personal wardrobe assistance. It is so amazing to work with an associate who knows my taste and budget. I usually prefer to assemble my own collection but a good fashion coordinator can make it a wonderful experience and help you explore new looks you may not have considered.

This past weekend I visited my favorite place The Gardens Mall in West Palm Beach with a friend. For the first time we went to a new place the Outlet stores in West Palm for shopping, and a really cool area called City Place for dinner and nighttime fun. What an awesome day of shopping and night of fun.

When I am on the hunt I have found it is best to be specific on what you want. First of all wear the item you want to match up, that is a must. Don't try to guess how something will look unless you really know. If I have a jacket and I want to match it this tells the sales people to focus on my look. Let's see maybe a cute top, pants, or skirt maybe even a dress. It allows me to steer the direction based on what the store offers, and allows you an easy out from those that want to sell you the store. Try to wear comfortable cloths easy to get in and out of. This seems so obvious but many struggle with it because they didn't plan ahead or even think they would be shopping.

It all started when I ordered a beautiful print dress with a matching jacket online. The print is so Spring I fell in love with it. When I got the two pieces, the jacket fit fine but the dress was one size too small. It was the correct size but it runs one size too small and they didn't make it in the next size up. Being an optimist I kept the dress hoping one day to lose enough weight to fit into it. So I visited the retail store Boston Proper and chatted with the ladies there and found a top that was perfect for the jacket, shoes and short skirt, but I had a dress in my head I just couldn't get out.

At this point I was perfectly happy with the complete look I now had. What seems to happen is you feel good about yourself and feel comfortable. I guess that helped put me into the perfect mood and just as important allowed the sales people to see "My" look. In other words they see a look they have to make better or admit something less, that is very powerful when you are shopping.

The rest of the day was exhausting, we were now at the outlet Mall a few miles away from the Gardens Mall, a beautiful expanse of store after store. First Mall2on my list was "Off Fifth", Saks outlet store. Some really nice designer cloths, mostly out of my price range and I thought; there must be something I can find here?

Two high end dresses caught my eye in looks and reduced price. The first a rose gold sequin gown and another cute lace over satin dress. The fitting room proved the sequin gown would not work, but the lace dress was incredible. So I walked away with a designer bridesmaid dress for a hundred dollars. It didn't have anything to do with the jacket I wanted to match but it actually worked with it and so beautiful.

We were done with shopping so it was time for dinner and a night on the town. A short distance from the outlet stores we went to City Place for dinner. Afterwords it was time to walk off the food and window shop. City Place is such a cool place to enjoy a Saturday night with food, shopping and entertainment that I finally got my mind off finding a dress for my jacket.

The silk dress was off white in color with a print in color and style that was a perfect match for my jacket. I just couldn't believe it, the miracle would be how it fits. In the fitting room it was a dream to put on and the fit was perfect! When I came out of the fitting room wearing the dress and jacket together, everyone was amazed. This was so rare to have different manufacturers play together. The story gets even better! While checking out I found out the dress was on special pricing and included a matching scarf! What a wonderful thing. It is so amazing how everyone felt the emotion with me, this is the joy of a good fashion hunt.

Current fashion waits for no one. A week later I visited a different Cache' store in the PGA Gardens mall and I wore the dress and jacket together. The store literally exploded with interest. The girls could not believe the jacket matched so perfectly. Two customers wanted to know where I got it. When I told them Boston Proper they immediately went to that store to find the same jacket. Unfortunately for them they had changed the store merchandise one day ago. Their only hope was to quickly order the jacket online.

That is also something you have to realize, here today gone tomorrow is ever present when it comes to fashion. So if you find something you really like it is best to make sure to accessorize and find what might be matching pieces as quick as you can. Sometimes the stores help you with a display ( I love when they do that) that has a total look. So now, after loosing a little weight for summer so I can fit into the dress that was a little small, I will have six pieces that I can make into any number of different looks. the fabrics are cool and comfortable so I am ready for Summer.


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