Is the Mona Lisa a Self Portrait .. of Da Vinci?

Is the Mona Lisa a Self Portrait .. of Da Vinci?

Mona List - DaVinciNew Theory Suggests Mona Lisa is a Self-Portrait

An Italian team is digging up Da Vinci's skull to test a theory that the great artist is the true face behind this great painting.

Perhaps this is the real Da Vinci code!

Italy's National Committee for Cultural Heritage, a leading association of scientists and art historians, hypothesizes that the Mona Lisa, Leonardo Da Vinci's 500-year-old master work, might actually be the master painter himself — and is even going so far as digging up the long-dead genius to examine his skull for clues.

"If Leonardo is a Renaissance man ... why can't he be a transvestite as well, and a cross-dresser?" Jason Rosenfeld, associate professor of Art History at Marymount Manhattan College, wonders aloud to ABC News.

Italy's cultural heritage committee seems to agree, and is dispatching a team to the French castle where they believe Da Vinci was buried after he died in 1519. Once they have his skull in hand, they plan to use CSI-style technology to rebuild Da Vinci's face and compare it to Mona Lisa's.

If they determine the two are one in the same, they will have solved a centuries-old mystery that has befuddled art historians for years: who exactly is the Mona Lisa?

(Read Cracking The DaVinci Code article on the same theory by written 2 years ago!)



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