Lauren Foster: Still Serving Face

Lauren and Friend Lauren and Friend Roxanne Lowit

After a whirlwind career, the former Vogue model is still in front of the camera.  

fosterleadI first presented Lauren Foster to my readers back in 2005, when I interviewed her at length.  I had said at the time that she was too cool for words, which is why I added lots of photos.  

She is back, and OUT Magzine in a recent article notes that  "But most recently, Foster's still-gorgeous face was captured in a new photograph by Greg Gorman, the high-powered celebrity photographer. She appears alongside Alex Davis, an LA scenester/singer-songerwriter/son of Brad Davis who happens to be a transman, as Gorman wanted to capture the first "Male-to-Female and Female-To-Male photo shoot" (perhaps Gorman has never heard of Allanah Starr's Big Boob Adventure, but we digress.)"

Learn more about Greg Gorman and view other photos





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