The Miss Transgender Pageant in Brazil

Miss Brazil 2012 Miss Brazil 2012

The Miss T Pageant is the first transgender pageant Brazil has ever had, and we are loving it!

Behind The Talent noted that "the contestants are really out there and are proud of being transgender. The contestants flaunted their stuff like any other pageant would where they perfomed in a bikini section, dress section and wore heels.

The gorgeous girls are very proud that this is a breakthrough for transgenders in Brazil!

Hopefully more countries can follow this trend and make it more acceptable for transgender s to be open about their sexuality!"

Accoriding to Jillian in a post she made in regard to the pageant, "The Toronto Sun is polling its readers with the question: “Would you watch a beauty pageant for transsexuals?” So far, as of this writing at 11:30 a.m. on Friday, 40 percent of respondents are saying, “Sure, why not?” 51 percent are voting “No, it’s not my thing.” And 9% are clicking on “I have no idea.”

Voy responded to the pageant saying that:

This contest is key for the visibility of us. We transgender woman suffer a lot from prejudice and discrimination, whether we are pretty or not, rich or poor."

That's how one contestant describes Brazil's first transgender beauty pageant, staged Oct. 30 in Rio de Janeiro. The event is particularly historic in the Latin American nation, where transgender citizens have been targets of violence in recent months. As Perez Hilton pointed out, "The contestants all strutted their stuff for the judges, but the pageant was about so much more than just winning."

Last month, a transgender woman known simply as "Madona" died after being stoned by a group of unknown assailants in Aracaju, the capital of the state of the Brazilian state of Sergipe, Gay Star News reported.

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