Transgender Homecoming Queen

Transgender Homecoming Queen

Vasold"I knew I was nominated, but I was just surprised, because there were a lot of other really good candidates on the ballot," Vasold said. "I know all of the other girls, and they're wonderful people, really friendly. 


So I was surprised." Vasold identifies as "gender-queer," a catch-all term for those who identify with something other than traditional male or female gender roles."

Normally, it really just depends on the day, how I dress," said Vasold, who prefers gender neutral pronouns – "ze" instead of he or she and "zir" instead of him or her.
"I don't identify as a woman. It really just depends on the day and the occasion." Vasold said family members were in town for homecoming, and while they have been "generally" supportive, some were unsure about Vasold's decision to accept the homecoming title. "They're a little hesitant about this, but they realize that it's my choice to accept," Vasold said.

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